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Biomedical and Electrical Engineer with interests in information theory, evolution, genetics, abstract mathematics, microbiology, big history, Indieweb, and the entertainment industry including: finance, distribution, representation







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Ben, some great food for thought here. I like the idea of a framework with the ability to adapt. I'm definitely going to borrow this.

If your example mentioning accounting coursework is more than an example, you could probably (quickly) get a lot out of a standard textbook on "Financial Accounting" which is typically a cornerstone course in any MBA program. The basics don't change much, so almost any used text in the past twenty years will give you what you're looking for. There are also many free/inexpensive online courses (coursera, edX, etc.) if you search for MOOC and financial accounting.


This gives me such hope for the world!


@Christo37433424 Your logs or even database may indicate better where it came from, but most likely it's a malformed received webmention or one without data. I've seen one or two in the wild, but unsure what may have caused it.
I thought it might be from me, but the dates don't align.


@jgmac1106 @tmcw @joeahand
Lots of other good examples and prior art at:


@aaronpk Maybe it's just me, but it looks like your Tweet copy didn't thread into the conversation properly...


@jgmac1106 In digging a half-step further, I realize they actually put a content warning on a "Welcome" post to incoming users!


That is just a bit of an insane policy... How anti-DoOO can one get? It also seems like almost everything on that instance requires a CW regardless of what it is too. I'm completely on board with trying to make places "safe", but sometimes one can go a tad too far.


@davidsuculum I'd recommend coming at it from a pure math perspective if you're able, but otherwise Nakahara has always been a solid choice from a physicists' perspective.


@eay @_quinnO @waxpancake What's interesting, is that as I read Andy's thread, I could have as easily substituted @microdotblog for Mastodon & said much the same thing. While hooking your own site into it de novo may be a hurdle, for $5/mo the hosted version using your own domain is very simple.


@Johnicholas @noahzgordon Perhaps will provide ideas?
You could also try a POSSE strategy to stay in touch as you wean yourself away from silos as well:
Having read the Webmention article, I suspect you know my stance there.


@hankchizljaw There's also @withknown & @WordPress which also have webmention support for site-to-site communication in addition to all the other tech @keithjgrant mentioned. Next we just need the microsub solution widely distributed


@DavidWolfpaw @curtismchale @EricMann Have you followed some of the recent discussion around rel="alternate" to get around the issue of proper use of microformats in WordPress core and/or themes? This could really accelerate the uptake for a great many.