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Biomedical and Electrical Engineer with interests in information theory, evolution, genetics, abstract mathematics, microbiology, big history, and the entertainment industry including: finance, distribution, representation



Testing to see if a comment on an IndieWeb post to GWG will cause his site to ping Loqi in IRC


@jgmac1106 @wiobyrne I'm excited! Open is good, but most think it hurts bottom line. Did I mention I have a small publishing company? ;)

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Save the dates for #WCLAX 2017! 9/29-10/1 And subscribe for updates. #Community


@jgmac1106 Are you on the wiki? Could you add yourself to the list of examples at


@jgmac1106 Thanks for the reminder; they were the first group on my list along with the crowd.


@cleverdevil If you're going to do a tweetstorm, then you should do it so that you still own all of the content at the end.

Aggregating it at the end for easier reading isn't just a bonus feature.

I've written a tad about tweetstorms as they relate to journalism and better aggregation which covers some of this area too:


@physcocode Given @drupal codebase/structure, perhaps you could backport to @withknown? It would be great to see more in @drupal!


How awesome is that?! Even without expressly replying to the tweet, @WithKnown correctly POSSEs to Twitter maintaining the original thread.


After more than 2 years, I finally got my first spam comment on Known. Otherwise, it's been rock solid. @WithKnown +

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Okay I'm officially sick of nerdy podcasts only hosted by white dudes. What are some of your faves starring women and PoC?

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This quarter, my NLP lectures are being recorded and posted online. Here's the first one ...

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New paper out 1f389.png Rethinking the relationship between pronoun-drop and individualism with Bayesian multilevel models


Replied to a post on :

@aaronpk, (What @benwerd said)^2

Liked Aaron Parecki's Day 97: Updated Known's Micropub Support #100DaysOfIndieWeb