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Biomedical and Electrical Engineer with interests in information theory, evolution, genetics, abstract mathematics, microbiology, big history, Indieweb, and the entertainment industry including: finance, distribution, representation







This is the sort of story with which @onthemedia might do something interesting:


If you haven't come across it, related to the vagaries of keeping up with corporate APIs, I remember Gina Trapani and Anil Dash indicating that they closed their product Think Up (available on GitHub) because their engineering team was spending huge amounts of time keeping up with changing APIs of Facebook, Twitter, et al. Perhaps it could serve as an additional and illustrative case study?


@andreweckford Wasn't it... Though somehow perhaps not fast enough on other accounts.


@pamelacolloff Only be really scared when she figures out what the word Pittman at the top means and starts using it to actively quote you to you.


Replied to a post on :

Ben, some great food for thought here. I like the idea of a framework with the ability to adapt. I'm definitely going to borrow this.

If your example mentioning accounting coursework is more than an example, you could probably (quickly) get a lot out of a standard textbook on "Financial Accounting" which is typically a cornerstone course in any MBA program. The basics don't change much, so almost any used text in the past twenty years will give you what you're looking for. There are also many free/inexpensive online courses (coursera, edX, etc.) if you search for MOOC and financial accounting.


This gives me such hope for the world!


@Christo37433424 Your logs or even database may indicate better where it came from, but most likely it's a malformed received webmention or one without data. I've seen one or two in the wild, but unsure what may have caused it.
I thought it might be from me, but the dates don't align.