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I haven't seen anything about "mobile being dead" as most are still saying it's the next big thing (see Mary Meeker's annual 'deck' for the past 8 years.) On the other hand, many are still shouting that RSS is dead... meanwhile, I thought your solution for a shared feedly collection for following a whole classes' worth of blogs was fantastic, and that was only available courtesy of RSS!

On the topic of your annotated bibliography, you might consider looking at the platform. Formerly more music focused and named RapGenius, A while back I wrote about some of their functionality here

As an aside, on general technology related issues, if you're not already following them, some of my favorite sources for ed tech include:
ProfHacker Blog via The Chronicle of Higher Education
This Week in Google (TWiG) Podcast via Leo Laporte and Jeff Jarvis
Gillmor Gang (Podcast)