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@keithjgrant That's a well worded synopsis. Welcome to the IndieWeb!

I'm curious if, as a CSS expert--which I am assuredly not, your book has a section that differentiates "semantic" and "styling" classes? One of the quirks I've run into while playing in the Indieweb is that some designers use microformat classes (like hentry/h-entry, e-content, etc.) to style their pages rather than simply allowing them to be used for semantic mark up and instead relying on secondary classes for styling. I've seen many instances, particularly within the WordPress and Drupal communities, where themes (including heavily used template themes--_s, I'm looking at you!) rely on styling using microformats or other semantic classes and this tends to cause problems with decentralization to opening up the web to movements like Indieweb. I have a feeling if more developers were educated about this "quirk" that large swaths of the internet (WordPress apparently runs 25% of the web) would be more easily/automatically converted/upgraded to support the decentralized web. Thoughts?