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Biomedical and Electrical Engineer with interests in information theory, evolution, genetics, abstract mathematics, microbiology, big history, Indieweb, and the entertainment industry including: finance, distribution, representation







@vsbuffalo I finished the book last week. It's great!


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Are birthday wishes likely the most common examples of this type of post?
eg: (sadly the audience for this may not be public, and worse, doesn't seem to be changeable.)


I was reading stream, but I get impression that it was a veiled excuse for a Monday night .gif-off competition. ?


Inside The Global Seed Vault, Where The History And Future Of Agriculture Is Stored : NPR cc @NIVavilov


@froomkin Your analysis reminds me of something I wrote about Trump's style late in the campaign:


@RamaKunapuli I just finished reading the book this morning! Great stuff.


I've always liked the concept of these types of platforms, but have never felt that anyone has been able to get them just right yet. I'm still reminded of sites like Digg where the "masses" ended up catering to Harry and Mary Beercan (aka regressed to the mean) rather than towards my particular tastes. Perhaps the space here available for curators might be the solution? I do like the idea that content creators might be able to make some money from their efforts, though I worry that folks will manage to game the system, as they have all other similar systems.

The one bright spot is that people are still working at getting this type of distribution arrangement to work rather than just giving up on the idea altogether.


@akarp the publishing rule of thumb is the fewer equations the more copies you sell...


@amberrhewitt It's not like you're so far away you can't do quick day trips or meet in the middle for WordCamp OC... Travel safely!


@nlafferty I am still actively using @withknown, both personally and professionally. The private communities I set up are still actively being used by many in the group long after the original course was over. A few have set up their own individual sites and migrated their content out as well.

Another option that may be interesting is setting up a community space that people can be a part of natively or which they can have their own individual sites and syndicate their content to it as necessary or desirable.

If you'd like to chat about it I'm happy to do so via phone/internet/other. I suspect you might find some value in conversing with the folks at Known directly as well.


@devilgate It may be the theme's fault, but I've seen it on another site before, so it would be good to figure out and fix them all.


@nlafferty I have a personal @withknown install, & I've also used a private "group" version for some small classes in the past. Loved it!


@nlafferty I suspect @wiobyrne has used @withknown in the past as well