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Biomedical and Electrical Engineer with interests in information theory, evolution, genetics, abstract mathematics, microbiology, big history, Indieweb, and the entertainment industry including: finance, distribution, representation







@vlucas Here's an article I wrote a year ago that outlines a version of a reader that's somewhat similar to @aaronpk's and discusses a tiny bit of what commercial ones have that approach the functionality. We have a long way to go still.


@DylanByers This app might help too:


@actualham That is spectacularly awesome!! If you ever wanted to part with it, I'm building an archival collection of original documents at the heart of 20th century communications and I don't yet have an original of Baran's paper yet.


@MildredMarianne I've been looking at (your?) project. If you can make it to IndieWebSummit, it would be a nice presentation.
@aaronpk may have some travel fund assistance if it helps to make last minute travel arrangements.


@reclaimvideo Can I apply for a video rental card from LA? I'd use it as a second form of ID to go with my Ralph's card.


@disqus Your apparently poor filters cause the VAST majority of my replies to be automatically marked as spam. If you go through my responses, you'll see that I'm attempting to provide actual thought, reason, and links to useful sources. What gives?


@cogdog Here are the details I wrote up for the fragmention (highlighted links) functionality in WordPress. One of these days I'll build it all into one standalone plugin:


@cogdog Truly, no worries... Thanks for the questions and eliciting the responses you've got thus far. We need more testimonials like this.


@jimgroom Congratulations on the first two. I can tell you from personal experience that the third one is insanely expensive and incredibly difficult. But there's also nothing better.


@michael_nielsen @worrydream @gwern @pscaruffi
Two of my favorites are:
Not just for their content, but how they use them and the fantastic functionality they provide.


@RodneyMushero Physical location is mentioned here: I'm not sure if there's a virtual one set up (yet). If you'd like to interact directly to talk about what you're building or ask questions, there's a chat set up at:


60 Free Film Noir Movies!?! This seems like the kind of thing that will blow @Storiad's entire month...


I haven't used SemPress in a long time, but if I recall, I think that it's actually something in the theme that is actually setting the numbers in the titles that you've seeing in #3. Though you may not want to be plumbing around the depths of GitHub, here's the issue (and the reason), which was left unfixed:


The acquisition of GitHub reminds me about how versatile it can be for a variety of use cases. I hope Microsoft continues iterating on it to expand its usability to reach an even larger audience.