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Lots of other good examples and prior art at:


@aaronpk Maybe it's just me, but it looks like your Tweet copy didn't thread into the conversation properly...


@jgmac1106 In digging a half-step further, I realize they actually put a content warning on a "Welcome" post to incoming users!


That is just a bit of an insane policy... How anti-DoOO can one get? It also seems like almost everything on that instance requires a CW regardless of what it is too. I'm completely on board with trying to make places "safe", but sometimes one can go a tad too far.


@davidsuculum I'd recommend coming at it from a pure math perspective if you're able, but otherwise Nakahara has always been a solid choice from a physicists' perspective.


@eay @_quinnO @waxpancake What's interesting, is that as I read Andy's thread, I could have as easily substituted @microdotblog for Mastodon & said much the same thing. While hooking your own site into it de novo may be a hurdle, for $5/mo the hosted version using your own domain is very simple.


@Johnicholas @noahzgordon Perhaps will provide ideas?
You could also try a POSSE strategy to stay in touch as you wean yourself away from silos as well:
Having read the Webmention article, I suspect you know my stance there.


@hankchizljaw There's also @withknown & @WordPress which also have webmention support for site-to-site communication in addition to all the other tech @keithjgrant mentioned. Next we just need the microsub solution widely distributed


@DavidWolfpaw @curtismchale @EricMann Have you followed some of the recent discussion around rel="alternate" to get around the issue of proper use of microformats in WordPress core and/or themes? This could really accelerate the uptake for a great many.


@finiteeyes Congratulations on what appears to be a new site. As you think about public/private and provide an example to others, I'm curious if your comments are avatar-less on purpose or if you've just not come across Gravatar yet?


@DaveTheSemitist Perhaps it's not your specific bailiwick, but do you have any colleagues with an opinion?