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@dangillmor Sounds like he's poorly parroting Trump who was smacked by an FCC Commissioner


Is @TwitterSafety the entertainment director telling people there's dancing on Lido deck while the Titanic sinks?


I'm in. Turning off notifications too (permanently).


It sounds like he's found a way around slavery. Can the appropriate attorney general fix this please?


The best source of information is from Known itself:
You can also find their documentation here:


Ronald Reagan+Alzheimer's=Great President therefore Donald Trump+dementia=Greatest President Ever?!


@kashanacauley I always liked the ring of Abu El Banat


@SimonDeDeo have you tried out mastodon?


@calliwelsch will appreciate this and is always been a great event


Exploring Your Universe – free science festival for all ages – is Nov. 8 at UCLA


Postdoc researchers (2-5) wanted for ancient near eastern empires (ANEE) @davethesemitist