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Using the most recent update:
For public, it shows the expected location name with a link, a map, and machine readable gps coords.
For protected, it shows just the location name and the page source shows the machine readable gps coords
For private, it's still not saving properly and defaults back to public when the post is published.


.@DoorDash_Help @doordash As I'm looking at the large number of customer service replies, it looks more like your profit model is hoping customers experience inertia jumping through hoops so you get to keep the value of the damage you've done.


.@DoorDash_Help Now you want me to waste more of MY time to fix YOUR problem?! And so that only my issue is fixed instead of a much larger institutional issue? again!! I'm already past the convenience & value I expected to gain using @doordash


@scottedwards200 Free business idea: solution for @DoorDash, @Postmates, et al. perhaps with a progressive web app?
Restaurants already have a website, a payroll, and the rest of the overhead. What value are these companies really adding? should be easier.


@khurtwilliams I like the set up that Post Kinds provides, but I've also been mirroring a set of categories with kind names as well for cases where there's some overlap. Eventually I may create a separate taxonomy for them all and move the data over to hide on the back end.


That's a great Christmas present. Congratulations!


@khurtwilliams Some checkins have an alternate primary kind (food, drink, watches, photos, exercise), so the category link includes a fuller picture of the actual checkin data. You'll also notice some links to post formats in that list as well.


@khurtwilliams I'm not understanding what you mean by "header link"? I actually do use Post Kinds for checkins. (I think I do remove them from some RSS feeds though so they're not overwhelming.)


They usually keep track of the total minutes of clapping, but is anyone keeping track of how long 45 is clapping for himself?


I love the mission of @ScienceSites. Are all your sites based on @SquareSpace or do you build with @WordPress, @Drupal, et al.?


@terrainsvagues You might also find some useful and interesting philosophy on the topic of "Open" as well as identity on the web at This might allow another level of business that's not commonly seen in the web (yet).


@terrainsvagues A few business models you might consider for the MLA platform include & (Domain of One's Own) in conjunction with Reclaim Hosting.


@estellevw @perfmattersconf In case you missed the update from @benotist, this might help your import/export issues:


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For privacy, it might also be worth adding a fourth setting for something like "Description without GPS coordinates" this way one could visually indicate something like being at/posting from their "Home" but without including the GPS coordinates that are still machine readable within the page source for the "Description Only". They could still keep all of the other location meta-data on their back end however.


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Given the "vacation" scenario mentioned, it my be best/easiest to have this automatically default to one of the multiple options (street vs satellite, or hybrid, or other if offered) in the settings page, but give the meta box the ability to do a checkbox override of the standard. This may work best for those doing manual posts.

Alternately you could have it set as a global and automatically default to the last used version.

The tougher thing settings-wise is folks who would use micropub clients for setting location related services and therefore may not have easy direct control. Some micropub clients may or may not have toggle settings to match the plugin's, so choosing a reasonable default for this use case is probably the one to target for the near term.