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@mattmaldre I heard @DannySullivan recommend a good marketing podcast the other day, though I'm not sure if it's on SoundCloud.


@mattscomments No, not a plugin (yet?). I exported them via the Amazon Kindle Desktop app and added some CSS to improve the mark up a tad. Doesn't take too long though. I greatly prefer to own this type of content on my own site first and then syndicate it to places like GoodReads after the fact.

I've written some details here:
Searching my site for "marginalia" will uncover other resources:

I also recently helped guide Jeremy Cherfas though some of the process and he's well documented a similar (non-WordPress) workflow here:

Given your Twitter background at @mattmaldre:
There are some in the indieweb movement working on notes, highlights, marginalia, fragmentions, etc. You can search/find wiki pages for those topics here: In particular, Kartik Prabhu has a fantastic set up which he describes (and you can see implemented along with sample code) at:

I presume you'll already know about As well as work by groups like


@kartik_prabhu Webmentions to things other than posts-pages, archives, etc. In this particular case, to my homepage


Now I can't stop laughing...

Reposted Donna Lanclos's tweet

When we refuse to take seriously the reasons that students choose #LowerEd degrees over traditional college degrees we fail

Reposted Asher Wolf's tweet

Teenager 'murdered by ex-boyfriend' after police fined her for wasting their time over fears about him

Reposted Donna Lanclos's tweet

In conclusion, everyone working in higher and further education needs to read #LowerEd and take it on as a critique of NP as well as FP edu


First time At Clifton's Cafeteria


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I suspect I'd previously just deleted checkin from the line
`$hide = array( 'note', 'weather', 'exercise', 'travel', 'itinerary', 'tag', 'follow', 'drink', 'eat', 'trip', 'checkin', 'recipe', 'mood' );`
in /includes/class-kind-config.php


"Modified LEGO Bricks for Microfluidics & Biomedical Engineering Research |


@Angeli_Richard Your life is about to change.


@cleverdevil Wish I was headed "home" for the weekend to talk @WordPress


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@dshanske Always happy to give it a shot...


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Yes, that tweak ( does appear to work. It fixes both the fatal error and the fact that the curator name and appropriate URL wasn't working.

Great "marketing" work @xolotl! ;)