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@stevenstrogatz @TEDTalks. @rmathematicus @viktorblasjo @MBarany This seems like the sort of thing that @edscheinerman would be aware of.


The magic is likely courtesy of the fact that my post has a meta tag for og:image that includes (or transcludes) that image from Naughton's website. It's something I added in for syndicating to sites like Twitter or Facebook to add a little visual interest. I suspect that whatever you're using to unfurl the page on your site is picking up that data to display it as context for your like. You'll notice that the same photo appears on Twitter as well:

I'm currently doing this with fields in the All In One SEO plugin for WordPress, though I suspect that Yoast and other Open Graph meta related plugins will do it as well. More often than not I use the functionality to force particular photos to be shown in syndicated services. Usually I'll also transclude the photo in my own post, so in most cases you probably wouldn't have guessed. Sharp eye for having noticed here Jeremy.


Jeremy, if you haven't tried it before, take a look at Ryan Barrett's Instagram Atom Feeds tool which will give you the ability to put your Instagram account into a feed reader and allow you to have both an ad-free and chronological stream of your Instagram feed. The UI you get may be somewhat dependent on the reader (and its settings) you use to consume it, but it's better than the slightly prettier and draconian alternative.

As for extracting your own photo data, I've heard this week that although Instagram is cutting off more and more API access, while confronting the Facebook problem lately and the looming GDPR, they've apparently enabled the ability to download all of your photos. I haven't tried it yet to see what the data looks like or the quality of the images is, but it's a tiny step forward for data freedom that they didn't have before.


@ForeignAffairs Is there a reason that says "Access Denied" despite my being logged in with a subscription that runs through 2019?


@jgmac1106 @chrisaldrich @wiobyrne Is this your own plugin or something else?


@spigot They should be in one of your comments "folders" and once approved they appear in the comments section of the particular post.


@spigot I've sent you a few webmentions directly from my site. Be sure to check that they're not getting caught in your spam filter. See also:


@sophiaarichter @floatingtim also has some useful advice and help in these areas. They use things like POSSE, backfeed, and webmentions that allow site to site interaction that helps to solve the "bring folks to our sites" problem.


Anyone who didn't get enough of Open Domains Lab this afternoon is more than welcome to join in on the chat to continue conversing and building their website.


They're not all articles necessarily, but it's taken me ages to begin posting on my own site more frequently. Practice over time makes perfect though.


@spigot Yes, you have to publish first. Looks like there's something putting a lot of hidden svg files into your content. A plugin perhaps?
You can also find some potential help in the chat at


@spigot It's not, instead it looks like it's caused by the microformats and their placement in your particular theme.
You can find a preview of what Bridgy will publish at if you want to test before sending.


@benwerd Maybe something in the vein of option 1 but with a HEAVY emphasis on ethics and morals in the tech era?