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@TaylorJadin I'll add it to the list and can help you log in to do so yourself for the future. I've also been planning on doing a virtual HWC meetup (via Google Hangouts) soon. Perhaps I can do one to coincide with your time on the 5th for those who are remote.


@TaylorJadin You'll notice their chat is bridged with multiple options for participation including a simple web interface, Slack, IRC, and Matrix. Individual users can chose which is best for their needs. Let me know if you need help.


@chenoehart What you're describing is something akin to what I've been experiencing on for the past several months.


Replied to a post on :

The theme does this resizing on purpose. There's a work around noted here:
You can also surf through prior closed tickets to see some additional thoughts on the matter.


@jonudell @aaronpk @schmarty and other media fragments people may appreciate this a tad.


@ammienoot It was a note from @jimgroom last month about @reclaimhosting's recent DOOO workshop that infected me. I may have to quit my day job to do it.


I can see an interesting use case for at an online Twitter conference like . When you're done you can cut and paste the content into your own website as an archive.


@johnjohnston This presentation makes my itch for a public multisite install with an stack even worse... I may have to pick your brain a bit more on it.


@openetc Have you considered adding the webmention plugins for site to site conversation between participants?


This is just the kind of post I added a chicken feed to my WordPress site for.


What's up with the fighter jets circling Los Angeles for the past 10 minutes?


I've seen more people who use @withknown this past week than any other platform's users.
It's obviously much easier to leave when you've got somewhere valuable and worthwhile to go to.


This multi-photo update to @withknown sure makes it easier to quit instagram!
Thanks @mapkyca @benwerd ;) and gang!