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I'm sure I've used this same signal sub-consciously in the past. Fortunately most spammers don't bother to add avatars of any stripe. Although I've also found that even many actual legitimate commenters (and specifically WordPress users) don't know about or don't have a gravatar account either. Better yet, I've turned off traditional comments in the past in preference for webmentions, for which I've yet to see any native spam yet. The majority of people using this method seem to take their identity a bit more seriously which also raises the signal-to-noise threshold.


I've been driving out in for 10 minutes and already seen 12 police cruisers. What's going on tonight?


@billbennettnz You should be able to use to test in advance which photo Twitter will pick. Most plugins that control the og:image will usually default to your "featured photo" if one is set, otherwise they often default to a pre-settable photo if your post doesn't have one.


@billbennettnz Are you using Yoast, All In One SEO, or even Twitter plugin? Something similar to one of these is setting a meta property="og:image" with that photo as a value, and that's why Twitter is picking it up and displaying it.


Maryam Mirzakhani, first woman to win maths' Fields Medal, dies


@ChristophAdami Be sure to ask pubs for the right for personal digital distribution; many are now granting it


@ChristophAdami @andreweckford Add me to that list when you have time. :)


Tom, sorry for the trouble you're having. I can commiserate as I and many others are having the same problem you're encountering. Something went amiss with respect to the core "Like" (fka bookmark) plugin and the Known Reactions plugin somewhere after v0.9.2. It's this that is causing issues with Likes and Reposts. It's a Known issue (pardon the pun) which is documented here:

Feel free to add your experience to the issue (which will also bring it back to everyone's attention again) and hopefully someone will figure out what is going on in the march to release v1.0 of Known. I suspect that the functionality in saving things to the database works, but that the output display is having issues as is the sending of webmentions so that they show up on other's sites.


@Chronotope They did make it very difficult to extract the audio files out of their web pages! That's something...


@K_Steinecke I'm making plans to, but my international travel is a bit limited these days. We'll see what happens!


Sure enough. Mom Likes it! ❤️

Since my post hit #1 on Hacker News and blew up the article in a whole different way, I thought I ought to change the audience setting on Facebook to public so mom could finally see it.

Sure enough it only took about 10 minutes from the time of the change for my mom to not only "like" it but to "heart" it. This time she went over-and-above and also wrote a note too.

I love my mom!


@sl007 @danehillard I don't use it (yet), but I know some journalists who are big into Django who have been wanting webmention support. :)