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@kevinmarks @waxpancake @wisemana I always liked Ben Robert's implementation of which just redirects to a different Ben's website every time you load it. Almost like a centralized webring of Bens.


@ghacksnews Thanks for the reply! Seemed like some cool functionality. I dug around a bit and found this though:
Does much the same "On This Day" type of functionality.
I just wish @timehop ā€¸would integrate WordPress website data into their app now.


@dixongexpat You should have spoken up. Most of us were old hats who know what each other are doing on an almost daily basis, so we chatted off and on while we were hacking. New faces always help motivate the conversation.


@ghacksnews I'm curious what you're using for your "This Day in History" sidebar functionality? Could you share the plugin name?


@MarcoInEnglish sends/receives them, but only from sites that are registered to its own userbase as I recall.


@jgmac1106 @kfitz Yes it is! I'm still working on some UI improvements, but I've been using them more since I wrote


@kathiiberens @nickmofo We're doing a virtual Homebrew Website club meetup to work on just this on Wednesday if you want to join us:


Congratulations on the new book!


I'm glad you ultimately didn't "give up" but yet managed to get things sorted out to work the way you wanted them to. And with a few days to spare before your post made it to its one year anniversary!

Of course things are still rapidly evolving and the barriers to entry are becoming lower every day...


@_marcusherrmann I've got an OPML list of folks who support it, though a few on it don't (yet).


@spinsterofutica Perhaps you missed the tail end of @LibSkrat's conversation:
Many are working on these and other sorts of abuses as well. Additionally projects like Akismet are aware of the spec and work reasonably well with it.