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@estellevw While I have immense respect for the creators of, I'm going to follow Rachel's advice and host all of my events, RSVPs, notes, slides, etc. on my own site.


Self-care is something I often get too wrapped up in other things to bother paying attention to myself. Thanks for sharing some resources. I'll put them on my work to do list to see if I can do better as well. Maybe by thinking of it as work tasks I can manage to get some done?!


@indiescripter Like most things social, I've been on @MastodonProject for over a year: (Coincidentally, I posted something to their github repo just a few minutes ago.)

I occasionally syndicate content there, though I have yet to begin backfeeding interactions. I suspect something big will be on the horizon for doing so in the coming months however.

Some of my thoughts and what I've read over the last year on the topic can be found here:


Replied to a post on :

Within the past month [it's guestimated that over 1 million webmentions]( have been sent on the internet. There's not really solid research on how many sites physically send and/or receive them, but as of [last June]( the conservative number was in the range of about 5,000 and the number is increasing rapidly, particularly with platforms like (5-10,000 accounts) now supporting them out of the box and CMSs like Drupal (via plugin) and Perch having added them since then. This also doesn't take into account an anecdotally sharp uptick of adoption on WordPress via plugin, most notably by several WordPress core developers.

Mastodon already supports most microformats for webmention to be implemented more easily. and

There are already a number of open source tools that might also be bootstrapped for something like this as well:


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@jernst Thanks for your nudges and suggestions for improving the UI in the indieweb suite of plugins!


@pvagner @benwerd @mapkyca @rMdes_ @andrea @mruncieman @_dgoldsmith @techlifeweb @nxD4n I'm tempted to offer a bounty to see if we can't fix/reconcile difference in bookmarks/likes in @withknown core & that in @kylewmahan's Known Reactions. cross ref:


@mjmcodrington Just don't think we're sitting around all the time holding our breath and waiting for the next episodes.

Sometimes we turn blue and fall off our chairs...


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@jernst I suspect(?) you know a bit more of what is happening functionally, but you're probably right that more of this could be better documented. I'll circle around shortly to try to help improve it, but in the erstwhile I've written some separate documentation on my own site about it along with some examples:

I've also got a video walk through on my to do list as well.


Support for importing syndication links for Mastodon Autopost · Issue #75 · dshanske/syndication-links

Now that SL has the Mastodon icon (#66), I'll also note that the latest version of [Mastodon Autopost plugin]( should now also support importing the URL for the last successful toot to allow the closure of automating the POSSE loop.

see also:
> The 2.0 update shipping tomorrow attaches a new key to the post metadata: "mastodonAutopostLastSuccessfullPostURL"
> This key contains the url of the last toot.


@MorrisPelzel What happens when you take that "just another account" philosophy to it's logical conclusion?


@MorrisPelzel @hypothes_is I'm building toward the example in the closing paragraphs that better exposes the functionality in a website to website manner without the need for a third party service (i.e. a more decentralized manner.)
Since I can link directly now (!):


@MorrisPelzel @hypothes_is As a site owner how can I interact if I don't know the annotations exist? Or maybe I don't want to? (cf. and


@MorrisPelzel @hypothes_is In some sense, but this is much more decentralized, lightweight, and I own and control it rather than farming it out to a 3rd party. Hypothesis also doesn't (yet?) send webmentions or notifications to my site when it's been marked up either.


@mjmcodrington This reminds me, I was curious if you were going to continue your excellent series? I wish more math lectures online had your kind of production value.


@khurtwilliams I'm not sure where @NextScripts would keep it, but I'll be you could roll back to the prior v3.9 code which did work for that to have something that works until it's fixed.
I have a personal copy if you can't find one in an online repo.