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@HowellsMead For those familiar, it may be a useful shorthand, but it simplifies things too far. Webmention uses knowledge of prior history and abuses of Trackback/Pingbacks/Refbacks and improves on them.
Cross reference: and


@dixongexpat @eatpodcast Had you come across this yet?
@voxpelli may be able to point out documentation or help as well.


@granderojo You might find some useful inspiration at


@granderojo let me know if you need help or ideas!


@evertp After having gotten Webmention working, you might consider stopping by the IndieWeb chat to ask this question of folks like @aaronpk, @t, @kevinmarks, and others who might provide some guidance/suggestions. As a group, they've been able to shepherd 3 specs to W3C Recommendation in almost as many years. We could all use some help on so many different levels.


@qubyte And here I thought that I was the only one in the intersection of the Venn diagram of the universe that included the words quantum, information theory, and webmentions! Perhaps we should start a club?


@essenmitsosse Sharp eye. There's an extension to webmention called vouch to guard against abuse.


@aaronpk I always thought I was the only one to do something like this...


@evanpro @anildash Did just this recently as well.
It will feel a bit cathartic to burn it all down and rebuild with some greater intentionality however.


Brad, how can you not be logged into the IndieWeb wiki yet!?! You've got your own domain and you've got an IndieAuth endpoint. Click on the login link, put your URL into the field and authenticate. You won't get frog marched anywhere, I promise. If you have questions or need help troubleshooting how to login or editing the page, feel free to pop into chat and we'll all help you out! :)


@evertp @markusstaab I built some Twitter buttons into my site, but haven't iterated on them as I'd like to:


@matpacker There's some documentation at
I also suspect that some of the WordPress/iOS crowd hanging out in may have some experience with this.Searching in chat may reveal more:


@cogdog No, I meant the main body text on that (and other pages). Compare the text "It’s useful to have an entrance gate..." with the cartoon background to "Example for "Building a Front Entrance..." which has a solid background.


@matpacker Fingers crossed.


@cogdog I have a lot of email spammers talking about my site who can't spell CONVERSATIONS either. What's worse is that when I contact them, none have ever even heard of simple standards like Webmention.