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Ben Werdmüller's post: I'm making it a personal mission to help people who work on open products for the benefit of society to be able to make a good living.


@rMdes_ I haven't looked specifically, but I suspect that for five minutes the release and git-master are the same. If you've been updating to master regularly you should do so if you like. But if you're one who prefers to use only stable releases, then the latest release is your safer bet.


Some of the issue is that WordPress has a huge number of plugins which adds a lot of additional complexity (especially for Micropub clients) which isn't always going to be handled by every client.

As for webmentions, they're being bolted onto WordPress which doesn't have (or allow) a custom comment type, so they're jury-rigged in the best manner possible. There is still ongoing work, especially with the Semantic Linkbacks Plugin which does a lot of the heavy lifting here, if you've got thoughts/ideas, you should certainly weigh in on those Github issues as they are evolving.

I know there were a handful of quirks that have been changed in Known in the past months to fix some issues with microformats that were being parsed incorrectly, and thus caused other platforms like WordPress not to let them display as nicely when received. I think most have been merged and a new release of Known was pushed yesterday and should hopefully clear up some of these issues. I think the developers of the WordPress plugins and even the Known community are very responsive, so feel free to jump in with feedback, suggestions, or even pull requests on any of the pieces which are all on GitHub.

I'm sure there will be some remaining rough edges, but in general a lot of them have been smoothed over in the past year and most improvements now seem to be geared towards making the suite of tools more user friendly or to better extend the functionality.


IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf 2017 – julie anne noying


Do you like the new season as much as the old now that Christopher Kimball isn't on the show anymore? The main segments seem to be a lot cheesier to me now without his gravitas and straightforward manner.


@cleverdevil I've even heard recently that Windows is planning on getting into the action with their Cortana product.


Paul Lindner's The Mail Must Go Through - Decentralized Customer Service


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@pepe84 @TheOtterslider I'm using 1and1 on one of my subsidiary sites as well and had issues ages ago. I did eventually change the settings to those below and found that they finally worked:
SMTP host:
SMTP username:
SMTP port: 25
Secure connection: no
Not as ideal from a security perspective, but at least they did go through.


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@davidmead, Not directly related, but in lieu of OwnYourGram, which is very solid, you might also want to take a look at which is a WordPress specific Instagram importer. Because it was built specifically for WordPress it's got a lot of additional pre-built functionality that allows you to set Post Format, Post Kind (if you're using Post Kinds plugin), handle hashtags, Import your entire Instagram history (not just from when you started using OYG), set the photo as Featured (or not), categories and tags, and a bunch of other subtle bells and whistles that are WordPress specific and not well supported by OYG. Otherwise, it works much like OYG does on the back end and includes all of the meta-data including GPS coordinates and location data if you choose to include it in your post.


@emcconover I'll have to add this to the litany of other issues:


@emcconover "Our agile Internet technology department continually evolves the website..." --Marcia McNutt


@emcconover Don't publishers say they charge subscription fees because they're improving their websites to improve science communication?


Excited to hear that @WithKnown is stepping things up on the road to v1.0!!topic/known-dev/UXPHVXBmshQ