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I've finally gotten around to installing the update for the Twitter plugin for @WithKnown to support the longer 280 character limit. With any luck this will serve as a positive test that everything is working properly.

Have you updated yet?


Replied to a post on :

@da2x Did you ever finish this up?


@Chronotope @palewire I wrote a sketch for a fix for it, but it's not been taken up yet:


@Chronotope @palewire There is an interesting well-used WP plugin that does broken links, but it needs a small tweak to close the loop.


@palewire @Chronotope Here's some code in multiple languages that could do just that:


For citations, @Regina2SU, you could use the W3C's Webmention protocol for sending/receiving notifications


@Chronotope Sadly, ever so sadly, I'm not. I'm trying to catch some of the livestream though.


@Chronotope @palewire While I'm thinking about it there's lots of great stuff at


@Chronotope I think that @palewire built this into WordPress at some point:


@Chronotope @mart1nkle1n This was my favorite presentations so far too!


: If you need additional examples of site deaths like to underline @mart1nkle1n's point:


, @palewire has built a nice tool for archiving your stories


@machawk1 @LinkArchiver I post all of my content to my *own* site first and then syndicate it to Twitter secondarily. All of my primary website posts are additionally backed up via API to @InternetArchive in addition to @LinkArchiver and personal back ups (local and cloud) of my site and occasional downloads of my exported Twitter Archive.

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