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Testing the ability to POSSE posts to via @WithKnown courtesy of @dgold.


OwnYourSwarm is awesome! I love the fact that one can use the fantastically and cleanly engineered mobile UIs of services like Swarm/Foursquare and Instagram, but still also manage to own all of the related data (including GPS) on one's own website. Tools like OwnYourGram and OwnYourSwarm really show the power and value of micropub for the future of the internet.


@benwerd Just in case you're not aware... is down right now.


@withknown icymi: Domain Sessions

Liked Aaron Parecki's Day 85: Added Podcasts to the IndieWeb this-week Newsletter #100DaysOfIndieWeb
Liked Jeremy Cherfas: Flight booked for @indiewebcamp N├╝rnberg. This is getting real. #indieweb

@EatPodcast Is the king of multi-site! (Known x2, WordPress x3+, Grav, others??) @raretrack For me, the key is having a mechanism(s) for keeping/saving as much of the data for yourself *somewhere*, then you can figure out how and where to migrate it to at a later date if necessary. As Jeremy can attest though, data migration is its own special pleasure...


@kevinmarks I was recently reading about the relatively new AuthaGraph map projection, which I thought was both an interesting tool and mathematical toy.

While I bought one to play with, I still like my globe much better--at least until my map becomes the territory.

Liked Eddie Hinkle: Receiving Webmentions

Would a magazine by another name sound so expensive? Medium launching a $5/mo member program


@raretrack Be sure to file the bug at If you're hosting it yourself, it may be easier just to back up the entire database rather than manually exporting.

Glad to hear you're getting plugins to work. Which version are you using at present 0.9.2?


@raretrack What is @withknown not doing that you want it to today?


@raretrack @kimberlyhirsh What?! We LOVE @withknown! You'll have to pull it from my cold, dead hands...


@mattmaldre Since you enjoy discovery enough to have a blog category, I'm compelled to recommend @huffduffer