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Biomedical and Electrical Engineer with interests in information theory, evolution, genetics, abstract mathematics, microbiology, big history, Indieweb, and the entertainment industry including: finance, distribution, representation







@tressiemcphd Your narrative would be stronger with threading


@FumiharuKato Is it still available online? Or was it just live streamed?


This looks like an interesting experiment. Curious to see how something like this might be implemented in a social feed reader.


Wishing I could typeset math fast enough to livetweet math/science lectures. What's the secret @fgrosshans?


@cswordpress Kudos on your new wiki userpage! I compiled a page with some resources to make it easier for you to find Indieweb community members to follow:


@realkimhansen @jimpick If you missed the livestream earlier, the full video from this morning is up now.


@freegovinfo @kcariani I didn't see it immediately or easily in search, but is there a way to watch them in chronological order from start to finish?


The more I think about archiving the web this week, the more value and stability I think that the W3C's Webmentions spec could be adding to the internet and copies of it.


This is an interesting idea: Internet Archive TV News Lab: Introducing Face-O-Matic, experimental Slack alert system tracking Trump & congressional leaders on TV news | Internet Archive Blogs


@katy_boss Publishers who want LOC are required to submit physical copies to the Library of Congress. This certainly cover all, but it covers a large proportion, particularly the professionally published books.


I a replacement library/distribution/discovery mechanism for podcasts instead of defaulting to iTunes. @InternetArchive @MarkGraham @brewster_kahle I suspect you (could build) something like that. (And probably store the content too...)


I think that group could use a Slack channel (or other chat) in addition to a wiki to collaborate throughout the year
Wiki is better than email, see:


⚖️ Wait? What!? Video of the entire gavel-to-gavel coverage of the The Watergate Hearings is available online?!
There goes all the free time I was planning for the holidays...


@jayrosen_nyu, @jeffjarvis and students may appreciate the live stream from Internet Archive: Dodging the Memory Hole 2017

Naturally the whole conference will be archived.


@MarkGraham, @InternetArchive had previously collaborated with WP Broken Link Checker
Is there someone there who could nudge this suggestion which could increase submissions?