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Biomedical and Electrical Engineer with interests in information theory, evolution, genetics, abstract mathematics, microbiology, big history, Indieweb, and the entertainment industry including: finance, distribution, representation







@jgkoomey @judell As an inexpensive model of this approach, has a paid, hosted version of this for $5/month. It takes a much more ethical approach to both community and data and encourages you to own your own data.


@jgkoomey @judell This is the general idea behind the movement:
For the price of registering your own domain and some hosting, you can run your own website and still interact with other websites in an open and distributed manner.


Thanks for putting it out there!

I recognized the layout of some of the code, but the real kicker was the first line of the readme which mentions "eat and drink". Might want to tweak that to read when you have a chance.

I know has the means for syndicating to Goodreads if that's something you also use or could tie into the process.

Keep up the good work!


@zmoglesby @WithKnown I just posted my first "official" one yesterday, but it was to my @WordPress site... :(
My guess is that there's not a huge amount of interest in general based on the extant examples, but if it's an itch for you, then venture forth!


@sivavaid There _is_ a movement that's been building over the past few years called the that is encouraging exactly this thing. They're creating new, easier-to-use, and open technology to replace what we've lost:


@sivavaid Let's kickstart it all again--right now.


@artlung Personally, I can't wait for the microsub spec to go mainstream. I think it'll open up a whole new renaissance for feed readers.


Wait... What?! There's a reading plugin for @WithKnown? It appears to be based on Jonathan LaCour's Food plugin, but portends some interesting new "read" post functionality within the IndieWeb community.


I've noticed it misses posts it should be catching too. I don't have numbers, but would guess 5-10%. I don't rely on it for anything mission critical.


@fionajvoss It looks like I've been automatically syndicating many of my short reviews to multiple places like Twitter, Facebook, GoodReads et al. Less often I send them to Amazon, Yelp, IMDb, but I suspect more friends seem them that way anyway.


@fionajvoss Let's start by posting on our own sites first and seeing what evolves? Perhaps we could talk @manton2 into adding discovery for 🎞️ emoji for watches on the way he has for 📚?


@fionajvoss I haven't seen many people automating syndication to places like Yelp, Amazon, or Goodreads, but I've done it manually in the past. Some potential examples and help here:


@paxtonjohn I hope you didn't think I was still using Digg Reader. ;) I think @feedly is excellent and @inoreader is awesome too, particularly with OPML subscription functionality. But I'm looking for even more: