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@brunowinck Generally I read a work and make my own annotations/observations first before reading/interacting with others for this very reason. I was just struck that I'd run across an article with so many annotators that I happened to know, an event which doesn't happen to me often.

This particular piece makes some astute and useful observations, but does throw the baby out with the bathwater without a keener eye on the history and point of much of the endeavor. Lack of history and experience kills him here, but it's the same thing that is causing a lot of the problem he's seeing in the space as well. I've sprinkled my thoughts into those margins now. Perhaps I'll write a more coherent rejoinder to it shortly?


One of my favorite things about the "social network" hiding in @Hypothes_is is that there's a sort of article I can visit & all my favorite friends & thinkers have already marked it to pieces! Hello! @flancian @TrailMarks @kixiQu @moonlion_eth I totally want the local posting feature in Hometown. Is there any chance you offer it as a hosted package? Would you consider offering it? I suspect a lot of teachers/colleges would love it for this functionality.


@phonetonote Paging @flancian, @an_agora, et al. These folks look and sound like us if you've not yet met.


This morning I find myself wondering what is the longest post that has ever appeared on I'm hoping it's not me...


I just saw my first Rivian truck in the wild. Pretty slick.


@iamjessklein I love these & am happy to speak about them from a broad generalist perspective w/ experience, history (incl. pre-digital), & anecdotal evidence. @phonedude_mln likely has some academic research here.
A useful example from @doctorow


Replied to a post on :


Testing out an h-feed question with respect to Mastodon.


@MuireallPrase Maybe this helps with context?
I like your site; glad to virtually meet another who's interested in physics, math, and typesetting!


Delving into an early version of chapter 1, I have to reiterate how much I can't wait to get all of @bookscribbler's Media and the Mind: Art, Science and Notebooks as Paper Machines, 1700-1830 (@UChicagoPress, Dec 2022)


Kudos to @KevinMarks for his recent work on @Tumblr to add microformats to make it more IndieWeb friendly!


@edheil Yes. Here's a colophon page on my main site that outlines most of the pieces for many of my sites:


@edheil Because of the IndieWeb principle of plurality, you've got a tremendous amount of choice. Part of the issue is that there are SO MANY options and potential combinations of doing things.

What do you want the site to do? How much admin time to you want to spend on it? How flexible and modifiable do you want it to be? What skills do you have? What skills do you want to work on?

Both of the options you mention are excellent, though there's probably more immediate flexibility in WordPress with plugins. If you want something with no admin, but still some reasonable flexibility then is a great way to go. (All three support a very broad range of all the IndieWeb building blocks. Of course, this doesn't even touch the custom-built or static site generator spaces which are also available options. And who's to say you should only have one site? ;)

This is a great question to ask in the IndieWeb Dev chat channel for advice from a bigger group of people with a tremendous wealth and diversity of building experience.


Have you detailed the process of importing the content somewhere? I'm curious what the easiest methods for this actually look like now.