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The acquisition of GitHub reminds me about how versatile it can be for a variety of use cases. I hope Microsoft continues iterating on it to expand its usability to reach an even larger audience.


@DavidWolfpaw We can always use help with plugins and themes (especially!) I'm currently trying to create more IW-friendly fork of some of the annual themes. I'm slowly working on 2012 at the moment.

If it helps to have live test websites to send responses to, feel free to use any of my sites
or some of the following (less public) test sites: (Running Known)
I suspect that David wouldn't mind your using either.


@DavidWolfpaw There's and, but I don't know of anything else along the lines of what you're looking for. I pinged the WordPress chat to see if others had ideas:
Beyond this several of us have tests sites we could use to test things manually if necessary. Feel free to join us in chat for help and other ideas:


@mapkyca @jeremyjmonroe @withknown I haven't seen a plugin either, but it should be doable via API
@Medium wrote their own version for WordPress which still works:


@bradenslen Looks like it did pretty well on your site, though the syndicated version to Twitter needs some help. I suspect you're using Publish to do that? Test away...


Virtual Homebrew Website Club Meetup is about to start on Google Hangouts:


Quick reminder that there's a Virtual Homebrew Website Club Meetup tonight. It's likely to have a very and slant given the current RSVPs.


@floatingtim @ltaub If you're free to join us for this online video chat tonight, please do.


@holden I'm wondering if you're planning on coming back to camp this year as well? I'm excited by the growing number of related folks who are planning on attending.


@ngeli_r So that's what the blooms look like?! I've got a massive one in front of the house, but the parrots have eaten all of the buds, so I don't get to see any.


@actualham Simon Winchester is one of my favorite travel and science writers and covers many of those bases. He's also excellent at providing structure for things that aren't necessarily linear. Given your location his Atlantic could be very interesting.


Awesome looking! I totally want to get one of them for myself now.


@Chronotope I'm curious what your thoughts were on @dsearls ā€¸article:
Is there a better way for publishers to own their own adtech in a more decentralized sort of way? What would that look like?


@dimensionmedia And it works on everything but itself, right? ;)