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At one point, for several years I had a particular destiny and singular focus, and things seemed great. It took several years after having and then losing(?)/moving on from that focus to figure out what to do next. I can currently relate to not only your general thoughts about wanting to do everything, but even specifically to many of them including math, physics, publishing, ancient languages, computer science, philosophy, etc. The tough part is that I always feel like the "job" I want to have hasn't been invented yet. It's taken a while, but it sure seems fun searching for it now that I've embraced the search. If you do ever figure things out and the "company" has another opening, do let me know...


@realkimhansen @ZeroDistraction Is that just podcasts or podcasts + "article" feeds? There should be a better way of ranking them and sharing them...


@vboykis The NYTimes all but called it a modern day male Kitty Foyle in their critics pick review


@vboykis @lendamico I can't say good or bad about the sequel, but it did do well enough that there's a Magic Mike XXL...


@vboykis They had to do it for Magic Mike because the production costs were too high to market it as an art house film.


@vboykis No one watches movies for socio-economic interests. Instead the marketing department went with prurient to get 'butts' in seats.


@vboykis The hint for quality on Magic Mike should have been: Directed by Steven Soderbergh. It's the only reason I bothered with it.


@chrisbolas Are you syndicating to Twitter from your site yet? Or getting comments backfed with


Congratulations and welcome to the club. There's lots of goodies here if you haven't seen them yet:


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@raamdev I think you've found the exact same solution I thought was best too. It's definitely better to have a solution for this as a plugin rather than within a theme, though I suspect that in the future either WP core or themes should do a better job of customizing their RSS feeds based on specific content types for better support and display in feed readers.


@johnjohnston I suspect @mrkrndvs is talking about multiple content types and making subsets easier to subscribe to