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@sillygwailo Until there are consuming use cases for it, it's not relevant, but basic text with `h-product` and a `dt-published` for first dose datetime and `dt-updated` for subsequent boosters might make sense based on existing work? See:


@AndreJaenisch Sonke Ahrens' book How to Take Smart Notes about Luhmann's method is very solid ( Lots of systems out there to implement it. I like @obsdmd, but other platforms listed here:


@jatenas I had the same issue initially and eventually got in, though not sure how. @JimGroom has indicated: "Pro tip: If anyone gets the ALT profile page when clicking watch for a session, trying refreshing that page, it should push you to the video player."


@jatenas Did you finally get sorted? I know how frustrating it can be to be knocking on the door to be let in...


@jatenas Try:, click on the first event which should give you a red "Watch" button that directs to the live stream.


@jaybearca Alas no. You can resend them manually by putting the URL links into the "Ping Me" box on your original posts. If you're using, there's a resend functionality there as well which might speed things up.


@jaybearca The Webmention plugin only does notifications. You also need the semantic linkbacks plugin for the parser which will give you the richer data you're looking for.


Most recipes for these should "work". It usually comes down to timing and a bit of technique mostly won through experimentation with time and temperature. At least failures are edible and delicious. Pick one recipe and stick with it until you succeed.


Hanging out with @joesimpsonjr and gang at the WordPress Santa Clarita Meetup


Replied to a post on :

@mdrockwell You can get feeds of YouTube channels using this simple conversion: ``. Alas, they don't add the video as an enclosure, so it won't have the video. You might try an RSS Bridge instance for pulling video though:


@mattmaldre No follow feature beyond RSS/ATOM feeds. Old school methods like rganically stumbling on other users or searching tags and the public timeline are the only methods I'm aware of for discovering people.


In fact, it's become quite a lot of data lately, sometimes up to 50 items a day. I'll have to add you to my list of people to follow on @hypothes_is


@mattmaldre I *AM* reverse syndicating all of that content back to my site (as well as a separate @ObsdMD notebook), it's just private by default. Some details:


@weh_kaniini There are definitely some using Craft for IndieWeb. There's a plugin for v2, but I don't think it's been updated for v3 yet. Details/examples: