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This is one of the best end funniest uses I've seen yet for having a domain of one's own!


Against the Rules: Referees, Journalism, and Politics

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If correct, the hypothesis by Michael Lewis in Against the Rules could have some profound implications into how we view politics and particularly the current President of the United States and why we need accurate, fair, and objective journalism. Trump's fame is making him cry foul more than is necessary, particularly amidst accusations of wrongdoing. In the episode Ref, You Suck! one can see a clear analogy between the NBA and the current political hellscape.

"...he [referring to Larry Byrd, but this could easily be applied to Donald J. Trump] played with certain assumptions about the rules and how they applied to him..."
"The NBA has set out to ref the game more objectively, more accurately, more fairly. This has enraged the stars and their coaches. You want to know why? The more objectivity there is, the less power they have. Objective refs eliminate some of their privilege. The stars can't get the calls anymore just because they're stars, or anyway, not as often. Lebron James and Kevin Durant and Stef Curry and Clay Thompson, they'll all survive better refs because they're actually just better than everyone else, they don't need unfairness to win. [...]
I think American life just now has at least one thing in common with basketball. The authority of its referees is under attack. And when you have a weak referee you have a big problem. Because a weak referee is a referee who can be bought or intimidated or just simply ignored. A situation goes from being more or less well referred to more or less not. Then one day you wake up in a world that seems not just unfair but actually sort of rigged. That is, it is incapable of becoming fair because the people who benefit from the unfairness have the power to preserve it. Boom!"



"Think of it as a rule of thumb:
'Find a happy referee and you've found a problem.'"
—Michael Lewis in The Hand of Leonardo!7616f


@tElizaRose @tw2113 I've been taking some time off/away from it in the late summer, but I've got some pieces (esp. for/from perspective) started:


I could see instructional designers and fans using something like @ProPublica's new Collaborate platform to make digital artifacts similar to that in Donaldson's @HybridPed article


I'm glad @onthemedia brought back their American Expansion episodes w/ @DImmerwahr & @GregGrandin. They've correctly chosen some of their very best to rerun. They're particularly interesting after finishing @WoodardColin's book American Nation.


@joealexlemon Great meeting you yesterday @InnovatPasadena. The ideas in your video dovetail quite well with the tenets of the . I bet you'll appreciate


This is the sort of story with which @onthemedia might do something interesting:


If you haven't come across it, related to the vagaries of keeping up with corporate APIs, I remember Gina Trapani and Anil Dash indicating that they closed their product Think Up (available on GitHub) because their engineering team was spending huge amounts of time keeping up with changing APIs of Facebook, Twitter, et al. Perhaps it could serve as an additional and illustrative case study?