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National Archives (NARA) and Mellon Foundation Partner to Create Digital Edition Publishing Cooperatives/@infodocket


Happy Spring!


Growing list of educators & researchers who are using . Who am I missing?


@mapkyca I'm up to season 3 already. It *is* much more zen than reality.
But then again, I anticipated his problems with 10 word answers back in September:

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Day 7: To AMP or not to AMP? #100DaysOfIndieWeb:

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Replies not working · Issue #4 · dg01d/KnownPnut

When trying to reply to a pnut post and syndicating to pnut, the post not only doesn't thread, but doesn't even post to pnut, nor does it return the permalink of the post.

Manual POSSE:


Replied to a post on :

@jeremycherfas +1 for bookmarks!
Another thing to test is if one can @reply using Known and maintain threading. I wonder if this works?

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@t Nice catch @PaleWire has site that tracks news home pages for changes. Sadly it's down at the moment.

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What do you call the reader of a category theory paper? .... A coauthor!


New silo: · Issue #736 · snarfed/bridgy

@dg01d has created a [Known plugin]( to POSSE to [](, a small Twitter-like social networking silo. Pnut was created in some sense to replace which recently shut down.

He and @jeremycherfas were chatting on about possibly adding backfeed to for I'm creating this issue as a stub for potential future work, along with the ever-requisite addendum:

Instructions for adding a new silo: