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Biomedical and Electrical Engineer with interests in information theory, evolution, genetics, abstract mathematics, microbiology, big history, Indieweb, and the entertainment industry including: finance, distribution, representation







I've got some invite codes for anyone who'd like to try out, a new social media site that supports principles.


Matt Bupkes' thoughts on social media a week ago:
Curious how he thinks things have changed after today?


Would a magazine by another name sound so expensive? Medium launching a $5/mo member program


A great place for the data lost in social media can be found via at


A great piece on the potential future of journalism by @jeffjarvis: From Media to Memes


Celebrate Claude Shannon's 100th birthday by reading his thesis that began the digital era


A Virtual Trip Through Amazon’s Physical Store - The New York Times


How have I not already been following Meg James @MegJamesLAT for coverage of corporate media and the business of TV?


social bankruptcy: Condition of being so overwhelmed by social media that only solution is to close all accounts


Congrats to 'Lucky' @johnshopkins alum @evachen212 on landing at Instagram ?


I have to wonder at the horrible inefficiency of the social media strategy of the @ALifeXV enterprise.
Why do they register and set up a new twitter and facebook account every year and then spend the time refollowing people (and hoping that they're followed back again to rebuild what should be a continuing and built in audience)? Why not just have a relatively generic twitter handle, and just change the display name every year? Then their presumably returning audience will already be following them? The engagement on the user's part will have to be much better as a result as well. Surely staff time would be better spent doing this. There's also the question of how smart their conference must be if their social media strategy is so primitive. Do they know they could also swap @twitter handles on successive accounts if they really wanted to go that route?

What happens if I decide to register the twitter accounts @alifeXVI, @alife16, etc. well in advance of the next conference? This is a total social media fail.

Admittedly @14thALIFE had such a paltry existence, perhaps starting from scratch wasn't too bad an idea, but let's please be thinking about what is going to happen next year...


I like what you've done with the final product and have always thought about doing something similar myself, particularly after I saw what Martin Fenner ( did with his site at which actually allows others to make changes to it via github. Naturally, I'm also highly interested in his take on scholarly communication too, which makes me want to delve in there even more.

Another thing I've been playing around with lately has been some tools/toys at primarily within WordPress (I noticed you had one at, so you're at least somewhat familiar) though also a bit with which is a platform built specifically with education in mind (

A large part of their philosophy is to own one's own data and then syndicate it out to other social media/external site, but some of their infrastructure allows one to easily make posts on one's own page which then act as replies on another's site. This is particularly interesting from the viewpoint of teaching wherein students and professors can interact with each other, but still have/own all of their individual work. (Incidentally, it also makes for using one's own site as a commonplace book of sorts, which I often find valuable.)

As an exmple, you'll notice on the post on my blog got automatically syndicated to Google+ the other day. Then you replied to it within Google+ but my site sucked your comment back into the comments section on my original blog post, thereby keeping the conversation on my site and not only just on Google's.