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Configuring the #IndieWeb RSS Reader Woodwind for @WithKnown

4 min read

Woodwind (so, named because it's part of the "reed/read" family), is a nice little RSS program for following and interacting with blogs and sites as part of one's regimen.

Today, I began setting it up in conjunction with my self-hosted Known [download] site which also has Kyle Mahan's "KnownReactions" plugin installed. This plugin allows me to "like" and "repost" content on the web in addition to Known's built in "share", "bookmark", and "reply" functionality.

I played around on my Known site with some various options to configure Woodwind which has several built in reply mechanisms available:

Reply Mechanism

  Each post will have Like, Repost, and Reply buttons that will post content to your site directly via micropub. See Micropub for details.

  Clicking an indie-action link will invoke your web+action handler if registered. See indie-configfor details.

  Manually configure your own web action handlers. The placeholder {url} will be replaced with the permalink URL of each entry.

These variations are primarily based upon the type of site and architecture you're using to take the content from the reader and post it to your own site.

I tried out Micropub, which Known supports automatically, and liked the interface, but it didn't give me as much flexibility as I would have liked in terms of post types. (The stars it posts up for likes are a tad unwieldly too.) I'm honestly not sure if Known supports the Indie-config option, though my guess is that it doesn't. (I'm thinking that building a WordPress plugin to allow easy plug-and-play for Indie-config would be fun on an alternate CMS platform, but I'd guess that David Shanske likely already has.)

I finally messed around for a while with trying to get the Configurable action urls option working on my Known site. It seems to be working pretty well now, so I thought I'd pass along the very simple hack so that others who are less tenatious can relatively easily cut and paste the solution to get their Woodwind configuration humming more quickly.

Each action get's a title, which appears on the associated buttons within Woodwind, which is followed by a custom url.  I'll list the most common ones for Known below:

One need only to replace `` with the appropriate site URL, thus in my case for the "Share" button, I used `{url}&share_title=&share_type=note`.

I imagine that one could also use this general format to create buttons within Woodwind to post comics, recipes, and even reviews using the community plugins for Known, though it's likely that some of these plugins may need some tweaks to work properly.

Again, I'll note that I'm using the KnownReactions plugin to provide functionality for the "like" and "repost" types and that without it, these buttons won't function properly on your installation.

Those at Known, are more than welcome to freely cut/paste/modify this for potential inclusion into their documentation for future use.