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Thank you for sharing your commonplace book with us @KevinMarks #indieweb

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I'm always impressed with Kevin Marks' use of his website(s) (kmk) as a commonplace book. It has to be one of the best personal versions of such a construct on the internet today.

Any time I (or others I've seen) have a question, he nearly always responds, "I wrote this last [chose one (or more): month/year/decade]" followed by a link(s) to his site where there is a carefully crafted and well thought out article he's written on the subject. By comparison, others would, if they're kind enough, Google the subject and dump out random answers that may or may not be of any help.

I write all of this in some sense because it inspires me to aspire to such kindness and thought, but mostly to say, "Thank You, Kevin!"