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@mattmaldre I *AM* reverse syndicating all of that content back to my site (as well as a separate @ObsdMD notebook), it's just private by default. Some details:


@weh_kaniini There are definitely some using Craft for IndieWeb. There's a plugin for v2, but I don't think it's been updated for v3 yet. Details/examples:


@geonz I remember having issues with http vs https and cookies the last couple of Moodle instances I've spun up. Did you get sorted? Can your host help?


I had a weird thing that was filling up my database with log details. It's been fixed and doesn't look like it's happening anymore.

I'm still running an older version myself. There's been a move to do a big overhaul of Known and a group is going through most of the plugins to get them updated. It is a volunteer effort though so it may take a bit unless others pitch in.


@Cambridgeport90 I don't worry about them stepping on each other, I simply make sure they're cross-linked so that if I go looking for something, I'll be able to find it. Webmention definitely helps in this respect.

As an example you'll notice that my earlier response ( links to part of the related commentary on my main site, so there will be a webmention in the comments there that ties it all together.


@Cambridgeport90 I've been doing some more experimenting lately. Usually I use Known for quicker replies to specific social media. Otherwise I primarily use my WordPress site for almost everything else.


@RobertHaisfield I agree wholeheartedly and have written a bit about it on my own site before. H is not totally against it, but may need a nudge to implement it.


@cswordpress I'm aware of the general problems with it and others like it. In my particular case, it's a specific stopgap remedy for a few non-technical family members with specific needs. Hopefully it doesn't cause more problems than it's fixing. I'm happy to hear if there are other things I can improve for anyone with specific needs/desires.


@kimberlyhirsh I hadn't seen it; thanks for sharing. Boffo and socko are neologisms pioneered by Variety and the Hollywood trade press and so aren't necessarily specific to the Muppets. Something about this reminds me of a 16mm print of his experimental short Time Piece from the mid-60s which I used to screen in front other 60s films in college. If I recall, I think he got an academy award nomination for it.


It may take a little bit of set up/registration, but there are Twitter & Mastodon plugins for Known that should allow you to syndicate directly with simple buttons. It will allow you to syndicate without those dreadful "shadow" URLs that also show up in your syndicated copies as well as your URLs.



@TYLTK Mine's back up, and from what I see in the Known chat, you should be back too. Details about the issue here:


@Cambridgeport90 For the theme, that seems like something Pfefferle would fix pretty quickly (and for everyone else whose got the problem) if you filed it as an issue on the theme repo on Github.


@Cambridgeport90 After you set Geonames as your provider and save it, there's an input box for the API key which pops up (and many might miss) on the next page. You'll need to get one and save it for the location to work.


@Cambridgeport90 You need to tweak the theme so that Jetpack isn't included in the div with e-content.
You can use to test. Bridgy also has a preview option at


@AndreJaenisch Yes, they took that name as an homage.