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Solomon Georgio's tweet


Adactio: Going to Düsseldorf. brb


Colin Walker: Removing post titles from WordPress RSS feeds


Colin Devroe: People: “I don’t understand how you write so much on your blog.” Me: “I have so much more that I need to write on my blog!”


benjamin melançon's post: We need more diverse people in the room where design is being done.


Colin Walker's Sonant Thoughts – Episode 17: Whose Problem Is It Anyway


Jeremy Cherfas's The baker's reward.


A minority report on artificial intelligence


Daniel McClure's post: Testing out by @Manton. Decentralised via my personal site.


john's post on setup for


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Marty M's This Week is Awesome!


dallas's post: Been working on joining my WordPress site up to the Indieweb, and it’s rekindling my enthusiasm for the web.


Colin Walker's Sonant Thoughts – Episode 11: Preparation And Nerves .blog