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I'm glad @onthemedia brought back their American Expansion episodes w/ @DImmerwahr & @GregGrandin. They've correctly chosen some of their very best to rerun. They're particularly interesting after finishing @WoodardColin's book American Nation.


This is the sort of story with which @onthemedia might do something interesting:


60 Free Film Noir Movies!?! This seems like the kind of thing that will blow @Storiad's entire month...


The acquisition of GitHub reminds me about how versatile it can be for a variety of use cases. I hope Microsoft continues iterating on it to expand its usability to reach an even larger audience.


Virtual Homebrew Website Club Meetup is about to start on Google Hangouts:


Quick reminder that there's a Virtual Homebrew Website Club Meetup tonight. It's likely to have a very and slant given the current RSVPs.


I can only see this and think about and


anyone? This sounds like the kind of thing @schnarfed will show up with at camp and it'll be fully built out using WebSub.


Anyone who didn't get enough of Open Domains Lab this afternoon is more than welcome to join in on the chat to continue conversing and building their website.


I can see an interesting use case for at an online Twitter conference like . When you're done you can cut and paste the content into your own website as an archive.


This is just the kind of post I added a chicken feed to my WordPress site for.


What's up with the fighter jets circling Los Angeles for the past 10 minutes?


I've seen more people who use @withknown this past week than any other platform's users.
It's obviously much easier to leave when you've got somewhere valuable and worthwhile to go to.