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Biomedical and Electrical Engineer with interests in information theory, evolution, genetics, abstract mathematics, microbiology, big history, IndieWeb, mnemonics, and the entertainment industry including: finance, distribution, representation






Something about his website makes me think that @weslinda might appreciate Homebrew Website Club in Baltimore next week:


Today's afternoon sessions for IndieWebCamp Baltimore are posted! Links for video feeds coming
Sessions include


For all my and @JohnsHopkins friends:
I highly recommend attending @IndieWebCamp Jan 20-21


@Joseph_Koivisto @edsu I would heartily invite you all to come to in Baltimore Jan 20-21: It will be an even better introduction than the narrower scope Homebrew Website Club.


Obituary for Jerome Joseph owner of the old Brand Bookshop in Glendale

2 min read

I won't go so far as to say the literary world won't live on past him, but the last of the truly great gentleman booksellers is gone, and the world is far worse off as a result.

February 23, 1928 - August 4, 2015 Long time local book store owner, Jerome Joseph, 87, of Los Angeles, passed away peacefully early on Tuesday after a protracted series of illnesses.

Jerome was born and raised in Woodriver, Illinois, a small town of some 25 miles south of St. Louis and then practiced law for several years in southern Missouri after which he moved back to Woodriver and joined the family business at its Ben Franklin Dime Store. He was married for a short time. After a while, he became restless, pulled up stakes, and came to sunny Southern California.

In the early 1980, he established a used book store in Fullerton in collaboration with Larry Mullen, who taught him the book business. Subsequently, he opened his own used bookstore, Brand Bookshop, in Glendale in 1985. The store was closed in October 2014. Jerome was an avid fan of the Baltimore Orioles even when they were the Saint Louis Cardinals, and, in fact, he owned shares in that club.

He is survived by his adopted son, Noriaki Nakano of Los Angeles, and one brother, Howard, of Glendale. Neptune Society is handling arrangements. Jerome specifically asked that there not be a memorial service but he is nevertheless remembered and missed.

Originally appeared in the <a href="">LA Times</a>


Does it get any more Highlandtown?! You get to share a bathroom with a barbershop!


The REAL Baltimore: "Your ex-boyfriend still lives here"

1 min read

This opinion piece in yesterday's NY Times indicates how awesome Baltimore really is. The piece is also awesome in and of itself. For those at a loss for how to describe much of the spirit of the city, this will remedy everything.

It reminded me a lot of the oddness of the hour plus conversation I had with John Waters as he recollected his heyday during the Nixon administration while he simultaneously narrated Nixon's funeral to me as he watched it on television. Fornicating with chickens was somehow the "tame" part of that conversation.

“New York is full of normal people who think they’re crazy; Baltimore is full of crazy people who think they’re normal.” -John Waters