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Biomedical and Electrical Engineer with interests in information theory, evolution, genetics, abstract mathematics, microbiology, big history, IndieWeb, mnemonics, and the entertainment industry including: finance, distribution, representation






@DavidWolfpaw There's and, but I don't know of anything else along the lines of what you're looking for. I pinged the WordPress chat to see if others had ideas:
Beyond this several of us have tests sites we could use to test things manually if necessary. Feel free to join us in chat for help and other ideas:


@benwerd Instead of Gutenberg, I'd have core support for the micropub spec and allow a free ecosystem for creating small user friendly custom apps for creating posts of all kinds.


@feedly @edwk Probably better that I help you all out with some needed functionality first. Try this out:
You should keep your eyes glued to the evolving spec as well. !


@Dries How awesome would it be if I could use @buffer not only to post to social media, but to post to my own website using the Micropub spec?


Replied to a post on :

Given the "vacation" scenario mentioned, it my be best/easiest to have this automatically default to one of the multiple options (street vs satellite, or hybrid, or other if offered) in the settings page, but give the meta box the ability to do a checkbox override of the standard. This may work best for those doing manual posts.

Alternately you could have it set as a global and automatically default to the last used version.

The tougher thing settings-wise is folks who would use micropub clients for setting location related services and therefore may not have easy direct control. Some micropub clients may or may not have toggle settings to match the plugin's, so choosing a reasonable default for this use case is probably the one to target for the near term.


Today's afternoon sessions for IndieWebCamp Baltimore are posted! Links for video feeds coming
Sessions include


It might take a slight bit of tweaking, but you can combine using the micropub features of the feed reader to post directly to your site with something like to get yourself a bit farther along.


@andrea It looks like you're missing the Semantic Linkbacks plugin for WordPress. That should make your facepiles have actual faces and display much better.

How are you posting to Known? Using Quill or another micropub application? Do you have the WithKnown Twitter plugin installed? That can help some of the display issues you're probably seeing.

I'm sure many in the IndieWeb chat (Slack, IRC, Web, etc.) can give you help if you need it. There's a main room, and and specific channels.

I'm out at the moment but am happy to help more later if you need it.


UI/UX: Publish default to Don't Forward unless PressForward functionality · Issue #936 · PressForward/pressforward

## What happened
With PressForward installed/activated, the Site Options setting for "Seconds to redirect user to source. (0 means no redirect)" set to 1 or greater, and creating a new post (by almost any means including manually, API, micropub, and I suspect sources like the forthcoming Gutenberg interface) the drop down menu item in the Publish meta box to "Forward/Don't Forward" to item's original URL automatically defaults to "Forward".

## What I Expected
I would expect the Forward/Don't Forward setting to default to Forward _only_ when an item is created via the bookmarklet, through items entering the process via the RSS feeds, or from other PressForward specific functionality. All other posts should default to Don't Forward unless manually switched in the Meta box.

For posts created either manually or other automatic means from other sources (API, micropub, etc.) they default to Forward meaning that their URLs never resolve to view the page as they continually forward back to themselves in a never ending loop.

## Additional notes
With the Seconds to redirect set to 0, all new posts seem to be set to the default "Don't Forward" as one would expect.


@keithjgrant @SaraSoueidan @snookca @danmall @adactio There are some micropub clients that will do this on mobile


@rachelandrew @sonniesedge @jensimmons If I had a commercial CMS, after Webmentions I would build in Micropub support:
Cross reference: for which 3 of the 7 options to publish use Micropub clients, some of which can be found here:


@BeakerBrowser Or if it had built in micropub support to my site like Omnibear does as a plugin for Chrome?


@BenjaminHarwood The best part is it supports cutting edge tech like webmentions & micropub out of the box as well as easy syndication to social media. It can also be quickly bundled with to bring a lot of your social conversations back to live on your own website so you can use social media, but not rely on it being up forever. I also think it gives a better user experience on mobile as well.

While I love and use WordPress, I don't know what I'd do without Known.


Another interesting piece that's related to webmention and feed readers is the <a href="">W3C Micropub spec</a> that I believe was released on the same day as ActivityPub. There are already feed readers like that allow you to not only subscribe and read your friends who publish to their own sites, but you can use it to micropub "likes" and "replies" to those posts directly from the reader and to publish them directly to your own website if it supports the micropub spec (and yes, there's already a WordPress plugin for that). These micropubbed posts can then, in turn, send webmentions from your own site to your friends' posts to be displayed as comments there.

More details on all of these and how they can interact can be found on the wiki at