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Biomedical and Electrical Engineer with interests in information theory, evolution, genetics, abstract mathematics, microbiology, big history, IndieWeb, mnemonics, and the entertainment industry including: finance, distribution, representation






@realkimhansen and @jimpick are certain to appreciate this nifty little tool as well for potentially using in conjunction with and .


Another awesome UI example from @signlfm for how could be. Imagine this on mobile!


This is an awesome (though not perfect) UI example from @signlfm for how could be

An interesting tool for annotating videos.


@realkimhansen @jimpick I heard earlier today that has been open-sourced on Github.


Manton, after having heard/seen your microcasts (and those of others) as well as your mention of podcasting tools above, I thought I'd point out that there's a micropub tool called Screech for podcasts: It may be down the road a tad for support, but it's also something that could do to change the microcasting space. It could also be a useful differentiator for competing services like Twitter, Mastodon, etc.


Colin Walker has some interesting thoughts on


goes with a client called Screech!! If only @SoundCloud et al could do this...


Jeremy @EatPodcast you might appreciate what @realkimhansen, @jimpick, and @SignlfmShtPost are doing in the podcasting space


Appleā€™s actual role in podcasting: be careful what you wish for


I've always loved @huffduffer! @weegee asked a question that I've always struggled with. @schnarfed has already built the answer - naturally.

Kevin's (happy birthday by the way) question: "So recently I've been using the "Interview" and "lecture" subreddits to find all sorts of great interviews and profiles. However, many of them are in video form on Youtube/Vimeo and the like. Is there any way to huffduff a video to "listen" to? I don't feel I need to see a lecturer at a podium or interview subject on a couch to get what I'm looking for."

I'm not sure why I'm surprised anymore, but it seems like every time I find some really useful bit of web technology, it's coming out of the extended IndieWeb "Camp" (pun moderately intended). Thanks @adactio and @schnarfed for making my life easier and better.

I do feel a bit cheated that I didn't actually find the functionality directly on Huffduffer (or just noticed that it now somehow works with my long-loved Huffduffer bookmarklet). I wonder what other goodness I'm somehow missing out on... (Anyone can feel free to send me a list of their favorite services and other bookmarklets.)