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Potential future features · Issue #2 · kshaffer/hypothesis_aggregator

This plugin is spectacular by the way... Here are some thoughts on future development:

It would be great if the displayed text output from the shortcode included a permalink to the original annotation on Hypothesis. As a UI suggestion, perhaps you could place it after the title of the annotated page thusly:
URL WRAPPED TITLE | < a href="permalinkhere">#</a>

Being able to circumscribe dates for displayed annotations could be useful, particularly in cases where one wants to highlight only a handful of annotations from a particular user with a particular tag but specific ones within certain time parameters. Additionally pages with embeds could, over time, require importing huge numbers of annotations which may not be ideal, or the context may change with significant future annotations that aren't relevant to what could be a static post that's trying to highlight just a few particular annotations. Time parameters could also prevent future possible spam on unwatched embeds with only "tag" parameters that could be targeted by bad actors.