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Upgrading @WithKnown on One's Own Server

3 min read

It's only been a short time since I installed my own copy of WithKnown (GitHub) and there have been a few small upgrades since that time, but I was overdue for upgrading. I'd also seen one or two errors when posting, and figured that the small bugs I was seeing would have been worked out.

When I went to upgrade earlier in the week, I figured I'd wing it since at the time there weren't any instructions for upgrading in the documentation (or at least that I'd noticed at the time.)  Somehow I got sidetracked and finally just came back to it today.  Following the general procedure for upgrading projects like Drupal and WordPress, I trundled along and found generally reasonable results until I realized that URLs weren't mapping quite properly, photos were missing, and something was a bit "off". (I had tried reinstalling my original config.ini file along with the Uploads file, but that didn't seem to work somehow.)

I went back to check the documentation, and lo-and-behold, in the intervening week,  there are now some scant upgrade instructions available which follow below: 

Upgrading Known is designed to be very simple.

  • Take a backup of your Known directory and database.
  • Overwrite your Known files except your upload directory.
  • Access your Known site homepage.

I was reticent upon visiting my homepage as I received a splash screen exactly like the original set up, and was very worried that I might manage to blow out some of the primary data and crash the whole thing. (I did remember to do a back up before starting, but who wants to deal with that if they don't have to.)

I decided to plunge ahead and proceeded like I was setting things up for the first time. I was directed to a page to enter in the database name, login, password, etc., which creates a config.ini file in the root, and was then redirected to my site, with all the links and data perfectly intact and functioning properly. 

For those who haven't done it themselves, and have the same reticence I did, I'd recommend adding a few additional steps to the process:

4. Click on the set up button

5. Enter in your database name, user name, host name and password

6. Update the path for the "Uploads" folder. (It may automatically default to the proper path name, but double check it.)

7. Hit enter and you'll be taken to your site.

Depending on what one is using for the update, I might also recommend blowing out (deleting) the original Known files in your root directory in step 2, and installing the new ones rather than simple overwriting so one isn't left with out of date files.


I just installed @WithKnown 0.7.1 "Makeba" release with ease... #indiewebcamp #ftw

1 min read

I just installed Known 0.7.1 "Makeba" release on 1&1 shared server and configured in less than an hour (while puttering around doing other things). Despite system not definitively confirming that module for rewriting url's was working, nothing really required any tweaks or real work. I did have to create an "Upload" folder and give it the proper permissions which could have been included in the instructions I didn't see/review (and I suppose that I can blow out the entire IDNO install except for that folder for future upgrades?)

Previous versions weren't so quick and straightforward, so I put a pin in them and kept waiting. The hurdle for self-install for the mid-level user is now nearly at no-brainer level.

My new social stream is now up and running with almost no muss or fuss!  Great job WithKnown team!!

One question, however, I see that my previous non-self-hosted site allows for export of data, but is there a simple upload into my freshly hosted site (other than brute-forcing my database?)  Similarly, are there roadmapped projects to allow for importing my previous libraries of downloaded data from Twitter, Facebook, etc.?

Keep killing it!