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It's worth re-reading what Eisenhower thought about cutting domestic programs while ramping up military

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You do realize that the White House is trying to catch leakers that it also says do not exist because 'the fake news' makes them up, right?

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Want to do more than call Senators? Comment on a proposed rule. Agencies in some cases legally required to respond.

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Standards: Three Recommendations From W3C Working Group to Enable Annotations on the Web | LJ INFOdocket @infodocket


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Tech: we are totally data driven, we do everything based on the data Also tech: it's too hard to tell if women are retained or paid equally

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Ludwig Boltzmann, an Austrian physicist who founded statistical mechanics, was born #OnThisDay in

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Tech has led the way in making labor fear unionization. These structures and discrimination in tech cos are not an accident. Starts w/VCs.

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1/Bear in mind: everything you just read about one womans experience working at Uber was enabled by funders, VCs, conferences, press...

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This is very generous: Papert's Mindstorms now available for free online: cc @CompAtSch @csteachersorg @Raspberry_Pi

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Visual Group Theory, w/ reference to molecular shape classification (@DanaErnst course materials, 2009)

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Develop a new approach to your #ComplexSystems: @alagraphy @LuisMateusRocha @cxdig

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Hey, how come the trigger for Trump firing people is reports that appear in what he calls the "fake news media?"

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very appropriate that this just arrived in our warehouse. happy #valentinesValentinesday_emoji.png @yalepress @JohnsHopkins

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Big Data: (n): the belief that a big enough pile of horseshit will, with probability one, somewhere contain a pony. (thanks to @mlipsitch)

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And going for the bonus...