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Biomedical and Electrical Engineer with interests in information theory, evolution, genetics, abstract mathematics, microbiology, big history, IndieWeb, mnemonics, and the entertainment industry including: finance, distribution, representation






Old posts with no value set for `pf_forward_to_origin` are automatically forwarded · Issue #899 · PressForward/pressforward

This has probably been present for a while, but I just noticed after turning on forwarding posts to the canonical URL by setting a time >0 in the forward settings: all the old posts in my database (prior to having PressForward) auto forward as a default back to their own URLs. This means that every X seconds (as set in the setting) pages on my site automatically reload (or are redirected to themselves) and this makes the site relatively useless to attempt to read. (This seems to be a follow on error not noticed in, but which persists after the upgrade to 4.2.2 which resolved the problem for posts set to `no-forward`.)

Users adding PressForward on preexisting sites are going to have a tremendous shock if this is the default.

A better option is that all old posts (prior to installation) should default to no-forward (or at least not forward if there is no value set for `pf_forward_to_origin` in the database. PressForward should, in my mind, ideally default to no-forward in all new future posts with the possible exception of posts generated specifically by PressForward's nomination/draft workflow to default to `forward`/`no-forward` based on a possible new setting option in addition to the time setting.

It would be nice if the portion for null/non-existent values of `pf_forward_to_origin` was fixed before 4.2.2 rolled out into the WordPress repository if it hasn't been pushed already.

Running 4.2.2 on WP 4.7.2

Congratulations again to everyone, as always, on what I think is surely one of the most valuable plug-ins in the entire WordPress repository.


OPML link not working · Issue #898 · PressForward/pressforward

## What I tried/expected:
From the page `/wp-admin/admin.php?page=pf-tools` under the `OPML Link` tab, the instructions indicate:
You can share your subscription list as an OPML file by linking people to

## What happened:
Visiting the indicated link throws the following error:
`Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /htdocs/example/wp-content/plugins/pressforward-4.2.2/includes/opml/object.php on line 48

## Additional information:
I've got a handful of feeds, so I should expect something to appear. Is there a setting I'm missing somewhere? I know that there's a setting for the /feedforward RSS functionality/plugin, is there a similar one for OPML that I'm missing?

Running GitHub version 4.2.2, WordPress 4.7.2


"Source" title and URL repeated within post · Issue #892 · PressForward/pressforward

Using the bookmarklet whether using "nomination" or "draft" the source of the saved story is put into the_content twice, once with a URL linked title and a second time immediately following, but with the plain text "Source:" prepended.

Is it possible that Mercury is adding one and the javascript in the bookmarklet is adding the other thereby causing the duplication?


Replied to a post on :

Cross referencing #889 which may be related,

The items that won't delete are from feeds from mid-December (the feeds of which have since been deleted). They not only exist in the database, but their `post status` is still marked as `publish` after being "deleted".

It appears that for currently extant/live feeds that the delete button "works" properly for them in that `post status` has been changed to `removed_pf_feed_item` and they don't re-appear in the interface upon refresh. I am surprised that the entire post wasn't deleted from the database however--is this a bug or a feature? I might expect that archiving a post would hide it while still keeping it in the database, but not delete.

Currently using v4.2.1 on WP 4.7.1.


Delete in "All Contents" not working · Issue #890 · PressForward/pressforward

On the "All Content" view [/wp-admin/admin.php?page=pf-menu], clicking the "x" icon (delete) removes the article from the view, but doesn't actually remove the post from the database.

Refreshing the page later brings back all the deleted items.


Link to see nomination/draft from Bookmarklet finish screen · Issue #881 · PressForward/pressforward

UI suggestion

When using the bookmarklet to nominate/draft an article or source, it would be nice if the final page of the process in the modal would/could include direct links to open the interface to see the nomination, the draft, or the page for the RSS nominations respectively depending on the action taken.

In small(er) organizations this could help cut down on several seconds of workflow for those who might then begin work on the next step in the process immediately.

![nomination saved](


Redirecting despite settings · Issue #878 · PressForward/pressforward

Seconds to redirect user to source: 0 means no redirect. PressForward makes use of canonical URLs. If you would like to redirect your readers automatically to the items aggregated by the feed reader and published to your site, this setting will determine how long to wait before redirecting. The default setting is 0 seconds. The redirect setting can be manually overridden in the Edit Post page by editing the forwarding status in the publish box.

I've got the "seconds to redirect" set to 1 and regardless of whether I have the per post override set to either "Forward" or "Don't forward" all posts want to forward to the canonical URL. This is disconcerting particularly for the posts that I don't want to forward, and when this happens I'm seeing the page not only forward to itself (and therefore refresh), but it does it every few seconds continually which makes the page terrifically hard to try to read. Is it possible that it's not checking for the "forward/don't forward" toggle somehow?


Checked into Little Free Library #8424

#8424" />

Dropping off some new books.


Checked into Little Free Library #8424

Checking out what's new at Little Free Library .