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Biomedical and Electrical Engineer with interests in information theory, evolution, genetics, abstract mathematics, microbiology, big history, Indieweb, and the entertainment industry including: finance, distribution, representation







A good recent and possibly extreme example of this phenomenon is Lillian Karabaic who recently attended IndieWebSummit 2017 where she got OwnYourSwarm working on her site so she owns all of her checkins on Swarm/FourSquare. It was a great accomplishment, but now her feed is swamped with hundreds of checkins! Since I don't find as much value in them, I just changed the original default feed I was following with this one which surgically removes only these checkin posts:,-154&feed=rss2


Replied to a post on :

Perhaps putting these fields and the phone number onto the main account page would be better UI? It will also bring forward the statement about IndieAuth (I like the description by the way), which will help to make other posting interfaces and applications more apparent--particularly in the early Beta days when they're so limited.

Additionally adding a field for Instagram (wrapped with rel-me) will also let users potentially use

Similarly a swarm/foursquare field for aaronpk's ownyourswarm would be useful, though he may have to do some tweaking to get it to work with as it's relatively new.

Other than that I think I mentioned most of the other commonly used IndieAuth data pieces above.


I'm in the same boat with you Jeremy. Each silo certainly has it's own set of functions, personality, and even audience. For me, Facebook and Instagram are more close friends and family, LinkedIn work-related, Twitter and Google+ generic town squares for interacting with people I might not otherwise meet in real life, and Foursquare/Swarm/Nextdoor are for interacting (albeit, not much) with neighbors and people in my geographic vicinity.

Twitter is almost too short in some sense while platforms like Mastodon, pnut, and 10C give more length and often feel more like chat rooms (or IRC or old multi-person instant messenger) interspersed with Twitter-like status updates. There's also a difference in who you're communicating with and which of your audiences they fall into (friends, family, real life acquaintances, internet friends, people with similar interests, etc.). Some of it comes down to interface, space given, and the organic nature of how the people in those communities choose to use them. Though Mastodon is very similar to Twitter, it's the more conversational direction that the users and community who are actively using it push it into that will determine some of its fate--certainly an interesting topic of study for cultural anthropologists.

Another thing I find interesting is their relative sizes. The smaller they seem to be (or perhaps closer to the Dunbar number of users they have) the more conversational and less "post-y" they feel. While I might syndicate some articles or status updates to some of these more chat-like services, I don't feel as much like syndicating all of my chat to them--at least until I could make my personal UI easier to use to do that, and that portends to be quite a way off.

As I bring up Dunbar's research, I also realize there are only so many slivers of the web that I can mentally keep up with at any given time. The closer I come to posting on my own site and interacting that way, the lower my cognitive load seems to become. I no longer spend time in or visit some of the major silos 3-10 times a day anymore since those interactions come back to me in a more natural way.


OwnYourSwarm is awesome! I love the fact that one can use the fantastically and cleanly engineered mobile UIs of services like Swarm/Foursquare and Instagram, but still also manage to own all of the related data (including GPS) on one's own website. Tools like OwnYourGram and OwnYourSwarm really show the power and value of micropub for the future of the internet.


@EddieHinkle Looking back on it, I think that the Swarm App/Foursquare decided to send three copies, one for each of the photos I took on the checkin. I've never seen that behavior before. I'm not sure how it decided to arbitrarily add the mention of erteencouncil on the Tweet however. I suppose this is what happens when you accidentally put together a POSSE like this.


Checked into Donut Star

They almost literally have nothing. Ugh...