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Biomedical and Electrical Engineer with interests in information theory, evolution, genetics, abstract mathematics, microbiology, big history, Indieweb, and the entertainment industry including: finance, distribution, representation







@johnjohnston I suspect @mrkrndvs is talking about multiple content types and making subsets easier to subscribe to


I've updated my WithKnown install to v0.9.9 Derbyshire!

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Aside from one or two custom CSS tweaks, everything seems to be looking and working as expected! If readers or users see or experience any issues, please let me know.

I can't wait to try out all of the new core features and improvements that have arrived since 0.9.2! Including:

  • A simpler user registration experience
  • Fixed image preview rotation
  • Improved indieweb support (including for likes and reposts)
  • Improved migration support
  • Advanced access control internal API
  • Design and layout fixes
  • Better error pages
  • Support for PHP 7
  • Countless fixes and speed improvements in the background

You can get your own version of one of the best, most modern, and most forward-thinking Content Management Systems on the planet by contacting the fantastic team at Or host your own version: with lots of community developed plugins.

If you've already got Known and haven't upgraded, I've previously written up an outline about the upgrade process.

Coming up soon, I'll be upgrading my Known testing ground at which, in some sense, is its own social media site, but also allows users to sign up for an account to test drive some of the core functionality in addition to syndicating their content to sites like Twitter and also backfeed their comments back from Twitter. For ease of use, I recommend setting up the bookmarklet after creating your account.

The 1.0 version of Known is anticipated some time in June 2017, but to be honest, in the almost three years I've been using it, it's been both fantastic and rock solid.


@jackbaty There are many who are using Known as part of a "multi-site" solution:
I'm actually using both WordPress and Known, depending on what I'm posting and why. Sometimes two is better than one, and it helps me have the best of all worlds. I also often use Known for posting from mobile quickly:


Replied to a post on :

@davidmead I'm curious what method you're using for syndicating to twitter that's causing this? That may be the better question to address. It's likely if you're having a problem, others will as well.

In the interim, you can find all the prior releases here: From here you also have the ability to view the changes between releases so you can potentially easily track down the pieces of code which changed and may be causing issues.

You might also find it easier to create a [child theme]( of SemPress with some small changes to improve your specific issues, this way you'll still get other future updates from the parent.


Jimmy Baum: Skip to content Blog About Archives Contact Jimmy Baum in Microblog | 11 May, 2017 7:56 PM communities have been a big inspiration to start a blog and write more. I have a few larger posts coming. Thanks for great advice, Chris Aldrich, Raam Dev, and Colin Walker.


@eli @colinwalker Discovery is certainly a difficult issue. Perhaps we could talk Kevin and Tantek into reconstituting Technorati?! :)

Interestingly this is the third time I've heard about webrings in the last month, and only after serendipitously coming across the only one I'd seen in over a decade or more:

Kevin Marks started a table of "Lost Infrastructure" not too long ago:


Happy 3rd Birthday @WithKnown! #indieweb #edtech

I didn't join apparently until almost exactly four months later on September 10, 2014, but it was a day that has definitively changed my life for the better. Thanks to all the folks in both the company and in the community who have made Known what it is today!


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@Tamaracks There's no need to explicitly set a Post Format in WordPress as it will automatically be set based on the Post Kind setting in Post Kinds on initial publish. (You can also tweak them by hand if necessary, so for example when using the `note` kind it automatically sets the Post Format to `aside`, but I prefer to use `status`, so I replaced `aside` with `status` just under 'note' => array( in the code here:

I also think @dshanske fixed the proper kind settings on micropub in the latest development branch of post kinds as well. (Hopefully this should take care of checkins as well.)


@cdevroe I'll agree with Jeremy that you don't need to syndicate content or even backfeed to be a part of the Indieweb. Particularly when you're already doing the primary tenets: own your domain, own your data, publish on your own site. (Ideally this is what everyone should be doing in conjunction with webmentions and then all the social networks would be superfluous.)


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I like the ability to put URLs on crossposted versions as well.

If you include the ability to link to cross posted versions, particularly for hosted, be sure to include a u-syndication (microformat) class on it: see also:

For those on WordPress, it would be nice if there were built in support for the Syndication Lins plugin which covers several other services that POSSE copies and shows syndication links as well for post discovery.


It looks like you may be using the Post Kinds plugin, so you should be able to reply to other sites using that and putting the requisite URL into the interface under "Post Properties" and including your response. The plugin will include the necessary u-in-reply-to microformat class and your webmention plugin will handle sending the response. If you'd like, you can try responding directly to this post at its permalink.

An alternate method is to use the Indieweb Press This bookmarklet for replies (if you're using the Indieweb Plugin) . You can find the bookmarklets at your /wp-admin/tools.php page about halfway down. Then you can click the bookmarklet on the page you'd like to reply to and it will craft a part of the post to send the reply and then you just add what you wanted to say before publishing to send the webmention.


Spent all of two minutes creating the custom domain and mapping it over to my account using the CNAME set up as documented here:
That was entirely too easy...


@swissmiss Delving into @adactio's suggestion a bit deeper, here's a whole list: as well as


I like the idea of the shared stories here. In some sense, it's part of the power of the indieweb wiki pages which conglomerate examples of how various people have implemented and documented pieces of how they've done things. on their websites. It's even better as a clearing house of these examples which are otherwise sometimes hard to find and come across.