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Biomedical and Electrical Engineer with interests in information theory, evolution, genetics, abstract mathematics, microbiology, big history, Indieweb, and the entertainment industry including: finance, distribution, representation







This looks like an interesting experiment. Curious to see how something like this might be implemented in a social feed reader.


@cswordpress Kudos on your new wiki userpage! I compiled a page with some resources to make it easier for you to find Indieweb community members to follow:


The more I think about archiving the web this week, the more value and stability I think that the W3C's Webmentions spec could be adding to the internet and copies of it.


@palewire @Chronotope Here's some code in multiple languages that could do just that:


For citations, @Regina2SU, you could use the W3C's Webmention protocol for sending/receiving notifications


: If you need additional examples of site deaths like to underline @mart1nkle1n's point:


@machawk1 @LinkArchiver I post all of my content to my *own* site first and then syndicate it to Twitter secondarily. All of my primary website posts are additionally backed up via API to @InternetArchive in addition to @LinkArchiver and personal back ups (local and cloud) of my site and occasional downloads of my exported Twitter Archive.

See also: and


Our friends at the have some advice/help for sending data to @InternetArchive


@han_cee Is Holo ready for generation 2 yet? (i.e. easy enough to use?)


I was just surfing my way through @huffduffer and thought: @schmarty and @andrewhazlett should know each other if they haven't managed to meet yet.


@jackjamieson I just saw your profile pop up on the IW wiki and was excited to see someone else interested in WordPress related readers. There are a few others in the repository that you might want to be aware of including:
* Orbital Feed Reader:
* PressForward:
* Edublogs: (They've got a built in (non-optional) feed reader plugin, but I believe it's proprietary to their platform.)

Though PressForward was built for a tangential use, I think it may be one of the most robust and fully featured in the group. I know it's actively developed and would likely accept pull requests. I've written a bit about using it before here:

I'm curious what your particular itches are in the area, especially if they include adding Woodwind-type interactions to a WordPress based indie reader? This may be one of the biggest pieces missing from the WordPress indie ecosystem.


@kevinmarks Your ears must be burning. I was just documenting that on the wiki under /rel-me and /verified!


@DrNomyn You can go .org or .com. Latter gives you more flexibility
If you want your own domain and hosting I'm happy to help set it up if you're not comfortable doing it yourself. A few plugins will get you most of the way.


@DrNomyn If you do go this route and need any help at all, don't hesitate to ask. @mrkrndvs
Additional resources:


I'm worried that John just set the creative bar too high with this bit of genius...
John, you've won the IndieWeb for the day.