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Biomedical and Electrical Engineer with interests in information theory, evolution, genetics, abstract mathematics, microbiology, big history, and the entertainment industry including: finance, distribution, representation



OwnYourSwarm is awesome! I love the fact that one can use the fantastically and cleanly engineered mobile UIs of services like Swarm/Foursquare and Instagram, but still also manage to own all of the related data (including GPS) on one's own website. Tools like OwnYourGram and OwnYourSwarm really show the power and value of micropub for the future of the internet.

Liked Aaron Parecki's Day 85: Added Podcasts to the IndieWeb this-week Newsletter #100DaysOfIndieWeb
Liked Jeremy Cherfas: Flight booked for @indiewebcamp Nürnberg. This is getting real. #indieweb

@raretrack @kimberlyhirsh What?! We LOVE @withknown! You'll have to pull it from my cold, dead hands...


@mattscomments No, not a plugin (yet?). I exported them via the Amazon Kindle Desktop app and added some CSS to improve the mark up a tad. Doesn't take too long though. I greatly prefer to own this type of content on my own site first and then syndicate it to places like GoodReads after the fact.

I've written some details here:
Searching my site for "marginalia" will uncover other resources:

I also recently helped guide Jeremy Cherfas though some of the process and he's well documented a similar (non-WordPress) workflow here:

Given your Twitter background at @mattmaldre:
There are some in the indieweb movement working on notes, highlights, marginalia, fragmentions, etc. You can search/find wiki pages for those topics here: In particular, Kartik Prabhu has a fantastic set up which he describes (and you can see implemented along with sample code) at:

I presume you'll already know about As well as work by groups like


@EddieHinkle Clicking through will show that the text in the Twitter card is a quote of the original, in some part a reminder to me about what it was I had listened to. (It also serves as an advertisement for the thing itself--I like to promote good podcasts.) Most often these posts are just an emoji indicating the post type with the title and source of the thing I listened to. Occasionally I'll add some bit of a reply or commentary and bury the true post type into the Twitter Card along with a quote from the original. eg:

Once in a rarer blue moon I'll throw a snippet of commentary into the Twitter card, but not often. See also for some thoughts on this. It's ever evolving. I'd love to hear your thoughts on improvement or alternate methods. I particularly like dumping additional data into the twitter cards when I can, though I'm aware that not all Twitter clients make use of them.

If you want to listen to what I'm listening to, you can subscribe to it via This feed format also works for other post types like "read", "like", "favorite", "photos", "checkins", "watches", etc.


goes with a client called Screech!! If only @SoundCloud et al could do this...


@VeggieTorta You can find details at or


@VeggieTorta There are a bunch of us using @withknown for , so if you've got questions don't hesitate to find us there in chat/IRC


@megarush1024 Do you have bridgy set up properly? This also has a segment of code for the spam issue.


Homebrew Website Club Meetup | March 8, 2017

Join some like-minded people in building and updating your personal website.

Location: Starbucks, 4430 York Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90041



•Work on your IndieWeb Resolutions for 2017
•Finish that blog post you’ve been working on
•Demos of recent IndieWeb breakthroughs
•Share what you’ve gotten working
•Ask the experts questions

Join a community with like-minded interests. Bring friends that want a personal site.

Any questions? Ask in chat:

Optional quiet writing hour starts at 18:00 (Pacific)

Add your RSVP in the comments below, by adding your indie RSVP via webmention to this post, or by RSVPing yes to one of the posts below: event:

The IndieWeb is a growing people-focused alternative to the ‘corporate web’.

Skill levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
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How Jeremy Cherfas sets his Amazon Kindle marginalia free on the