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Biomedical and Electrical Engineer with interests in information theory, evolution, genetics, abstract mathematics, microbiology, big history, Indieweb, and the entertainment industry including: finance, distribution, representation







@Chronotope @acarvin Yet another reminder in a seemingly long and unending list of reasons for why journalists (and everyone really) should have their own websites and tools.


Want to know what it feels like to see what the web will become tomorrow?
Watch Camp Austin


Up early in Los Angeles to remote attend Austin today.


@jimpick Can one interact with in a decentralized or way? Has anyone tried or is it locked off within @BeakerBrowser?


@briannaorg Thanks for the slides! I wish I could have attended in person. I've linked them on the wiki for others in the future.


@CodingItWrong @jeremywsherman @wookiee @davedelong I keep meaning to install Wallabag which is an indieweb-esque open source project that's a Pocket replacement. Perhaps that's your cup of tea?


@minezone Are you attending the upcoming IndieWebCamp in Austin?


@andrea It looks like you're missing the Semantic Linkbacks plugin for WordPress. That should make your facepiles have actual faces and display much better.

How are you posting to Known? Using Quill or another micropub application? Do you have the WithKnown Twitter plugin installed? That can help some of the display issues you're probably seeing.

I'm sure many in the IndieWeb chat (Slack, IRC, Web, etc.) can give you help if you need it. There's a main room, and and specific channels.

I'm out at the moment but am happy to help more later if you need it.


Some of the smartest (and kindest) people I know will be meeting in on Dec 9&10 to help make the internet a better place one website at a time.

I hope you can join them:


Just a week or so ago, there was some excellent discussion on the IW chat that related to your idea that I thought was so interesting that I bookmarked it. You can read the conversation here,

In particular Barnaby's quote and Tantek's extension may be the germ of the idea for what you replace social media with in your analogy:


Between @BeakerBrowser and @IndieWebCamp, it looks like Austin is the place to be in December:


A whole new level of ? ?!
To Save Net Neutrality, We Must Build Our Own Internet


@kristenhare A growing group of journalists are joining the IndieWeb movement to better own their work and data within their own personal archives as well as using tools like Ben's to archive their work on larger institutional repositories. There's a stub page on the group's wiki dedicated to ideas like this for journalists at

Coincident with these particular sites disappearing, there's now also news today that Peter Thiel may purchase Gawker in a bid to make it disappear from the internet, which makes these tools all the more relevant to the thousands who wrote for that outlet over the past decade.

For journalists and technologists who are deeply committed to these ideas, I'd recommend visiting the Reynolds Journalism Institute. They just finished a two day conference entitled "Dodging the Memory Hole" at the Internet Archive last week focused on saving/archiving digital news in various forms. ( Naturally most of the conference was streamed and is available on YouTube (as well as archived.) Keep your eyes peeled for next year's conference which typically occurs in November.


This looks like an interesting experiment. Curious to see how something like this might be implemented in a social feed reader.