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@realkimhansen @blaine @kevinmarks @dsearls @Padraig The microformats wiki has a huge amount of research under and related pages. has some examples, ideas, and brainstorming as well.


@khurtwilliams First, do you know how to log into the wiki with your own website?
Then you might consider adding some of your details or even a link to your article to


@joe4ska A while back I wrote a general introduction to for You can find an archived copy of it on my site now:


@joe4ska If you're in the Pasadena area in the next few weeks, let's have coffee and I can give you the top down to make the intro easier. Until then you can take a look at the wiki or if you're impatient try


@khurtwilliams @joe4ska I've compiled a list of changes I've noticed in the TwentySixteen fork here:


YouTube URL embeds not working · Issue #1 · dshanske/twentysixteen-indieweb

In archive views (/kind/post_kind/) and individual pages, typical raw YouTube URLs in pages that previously converted them into embeds via WordPress now just display them as text (non-clickable) URLs.

This may also extend to other types of WordPress embeds as well.


@Chronotope @acarvin Yet another reminder in a seemingly long and unending list of reasons for why journalists (and everyone really) should have their own websites and tools.


Want to know what it feels like to see what the web will become tomorrow?
Watch Camp Austin


Up early in Los Angeles to remote attend Austin today.


@jimpick Can one interact with in a decentralized or way? Has anyone tried or is it locked off within @BeakerBrowser?


@briannaorg Thanks for the slides! I wish I could have attended in person. I've linked them on the wiki for others in the future.


@CodingItWrong @jeremywsherman @wookiee @davedelong I keep meaning to install Wallabag which is an indieweb-esque open source project that's a Pocket replacement. Perhaps that's your cup of tea?


@minezone Are you attending the upcoming IndieWebCamp in Austin?