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@heml There's even a group working on education related uses:


@mattmaldre Come join us in the chat if you need any help:


@jgkoomey @judell This is the general idea behind the movement:
For the price of registering your own domain and some hosting, you can run your own website and still interact with other websites in an open and distributed manner.


@sivavaid There _is_ a movement that's been building over the past few years called the that is encouraging exactly this thing. They're creating new, easier-to-use, and open technology to replace what we've lost:


@artlung Personally, I can't wait for the microsub spec to go mainstream. I think it'll open up a whole new renaissance for feed readers.


Wait... What?! There's a reading plugin for @WithKnown? It appears to be based on Jonathan LaCour's Food plugin, but portends some interesting new "read" post functionality within the IndieWeb community.


@fionajvoss I haven't seen many people automating syndication to places like Yelp, Amazon, or Goodreads, but I've done it manually in the past. Some potential examples and help here:


おはようございます. Welcome to the IndieWeb! I'm sure many can help you out with some additional detail about what you're experiencing. Try catching us live in the chat at:


Part of the point and beauty of the IndieWeb movement is that you can choose any platform or set up you choose! There are far more options than just Known and WordPress. The harder problem is is to figure out what it is you want to do online. Then you can find, build, or find and build a tool that best suits those needs. If you need help, feel free to try the chat rooms at


Replied to a post on :

Welcome to the IndieWeb!


@scott_gruber @clivewalker Once you've gotten them working, don't forget to write a few documentation notes to help others who come along after you. Naturally on your own website first, and then perhaps to


@wimleers @Google @drupal @timmillwood I remember doing an presentation at DrupalCamp LA a couple of years ago right after a Piwik (@matomo_org) talk and it seemed like an interesting solution at the time.


Something about his website makes me think that @weslinda might appreciate Homebrew Website Club in Baltimore next week:


@scottedwards200 Free business idea: solution for @DoorDash, @Postmates, et al. perhaps with a progressive web app?
Restaurants already have a website, a payroll, and the rest of the overhead. What value are these companies really adding? should be easier.


That's a great Christmas present. Congratulations!