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Biomedical and Electrical Engineer with interests in information theory, evolution, genetics, abstract mathematics, microbiology, big history, Indieweb, and the entertainment industry including: finance, distribution, representation







After more than 2 years, I finally got my first spam comment on Known. Otherwise, it's been rock solid. @WithKnown +


OwnYourSwarm is awesome! I love the fact that one can use the fantastically and cleanly engineered mobile UIs of services like Swarm/Foursquare and Instagram, but still also manage to own all of the related data (including GPS) on one's own website. Tools like OwnYourGram and OwnYourSwarm really show the power and value of micropub for the future of the internet.


goes with a client called Screech!! If only @SoundCloud et al could do this...


@Pocket #FeatureRequest: Ability to immediately mark as read with bookmarklet? #UX #UI

In some odd sense, I often use Pocket as a personal linkblog of sorts, so nearly everything I'd either like to read later or have read online ends up there. My Pocket bookmarklet, by far, has the senior-most pride of place in my browser toolbar.

While the vast majority of things I bookmark are done so to read later, every now and then, something is so compelling that I read it immediately. But I still want to save it to Pocket (almost as a bookmark functionality, particularly as it was so compelling). After using the bookmarklet to add tags and save it to my account, I'd love it if the following popup banner had a "Mark article as read" button in addition to the "View List". 

If you want to go a step further, you could add the ability to favorite that particular link as well. This would allow people to immediately highlight either important things, or additional extra-functionality for those using services like IFTTT or Zapier to API Pocket content to other platforms based on tags, favorites, or marked as read items.

Internally, with this type of functionality enabled, Pocket could also use the incoming data as an additional indicator that articles that are even more compelling than others instead of simply relying on bulk numbers of articles bookmarked to be tagged on the system as "Best of" or similar  trending types.


@rachel_norfolk if only they could make responsive jeans! One size fits all


What? No love for 0.9.2 Derbyshire?! :)
Seriously though, congratulations!! @withknown


Who needs when there's @SourceOfTheWeek?


The 2015 Jealousy List from Bloomberg Business


Creative Writing in Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences via @BIRS_Math


My WordPress install just started porting in replies to replies on Facebook! @schnarfed, &


I've always loved @huffduffer! @weegee asked a question that I've always struggled with. @schnarfed has already built the answer - naturally.

Kevin's (happy birthday by the way) question: "So recently I've been using the "Interview" and "lecture" subreddits to find all sorts of great interviews and profiles. However, many of them are in video form on Youtube/Vimeo and the like. Is there any way to huffduff a video to "listen" to? I don't feel I need to see a lecturer at a podium or interview subject on a couch to get what I'm looking for."

I'm not sure why I'm surprised anymore, but it seems like every time I find some really useful bit of web technology, it's coming out of the extended IndieWeb "Camp" (pun moderately intended). Thanks @adactio and @schnarfed for making my life easier and better.

I do feel a bit cheated that I didn't actually find the functionality directly on Huffduffer (or just noticed that it now somehow works with my long-loved Huffduffer bookmarklet). I wonder what other goodness I'm somehow missing out on... (Anyone can feel free to send me a list of their favorite services and other bookmarklets.)


Finished updating @WithKnown to version 0.8.2.


I love that a Google image search for "WithKnown" brings back a page of happy user faces! @withknown


I just installed @WithKnown 0.7.1 "Makeba" release with ease... #indiewebcamp #ftw

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I just installed Known 0.7.1 "Makeba" release on 1&1 shared server and configured in less than an hour (while puttering around doing other things). Despite system not definitively confirming that module for rewriting url's was working, nothing really required any tweaks or real work. I did have to create an "Upload" folder and give it the proper permissions which could have been included in the instructions I didn't see/review (and I suppose that I can blow out the entire IDNO install except for that folder for future upgrades?)

Previous versions weren't so quick and straightforward, so I put a pin in them and kept waiting. The hurdle for self-install for the mid-level user is now nearly at no-brainer level.

My new social stream is now up and running with almost no muss or fuss!  Great job WithKnown team!!

One question, however, I see that my previous non-self-hosted site allows for export of data, but is there a simple upload into my freshly hosted site (other than brute-forcing my database?)  Similarly, are there roadmapped projects to allow for importing my previous libraries of downloaded data from Twitter, Facebook, etc.?

Keep killing it!