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Biomedical and Electrical Engineer with interests in information theory, evolution, genetics, abstract mathematics, microbiology, big history, and the entertainment industry including: finance, distribution, representation



goes with a client called Screech!! If only @SoundCloud et al could do this...


Jeremy @EatPodcast you might appreciate what @realkimhansen, @jimpick, and @SignlfmShtPost are doing in the podcasting space

Reposted Kevin Marks's tweet

So thanks to and we have offline podcasting

Reposted An open letter to Jack Dorsey

Hey Jack -- I know you've got a lot on your plate with Twitter, but the blogosphere could use some help and Twitter is in a great place to do it, and it could be a pretty big win-win.Right now Facebook is completely dominating us. There's no good outlet for blog posts that integrates well with FB because they don't allow linking in their timeline posts. If you look through Facebook, you won't find many outbound links, they do all kinds of things to discourage it. So they're turning the web into a Facebook thing. Because that's where we have to post to get engagement. But we can't use the rest of the web. And that's the problem. Twitter of course today isn't much help because of the 140-char limit.Maybe you could help by simply adding an HTML type, and doing a scan on the text entering the system to make sure only certain features are being used, like:Linking.Simple styling (bold, italic, headings).Enclosures (for podcasting).Titles.With that we could reboot the blogosphere, provide lots of new content flows, route around Facebook's dominance, and also btw provide a strong incentive for FB to add these features too.What's good is that it establishes Twitter as a leader. Wouldn't hurt. And I'd be willing to bet you have this technology ready to roll. ;-)DavePS: I think I have to turn this into a blog post, but I really did write this as an email to you. PPS: I am a Twitter shareholder. I bought a bunch of stock at $33. I'm ready to roll the dice. I bet anyone holding $TWTR now is ready too. 


Appleā€™s actual role in podcasting: be careful what you wish for


I've always loved @huffduffer! @weegee asked a question that I've always struggled with. @schnarfed has already built the answer - naturally.

Kevin's (happy birthday by the way) question: "So recently I've been using the "Interview" and "lecture" subreddits to find all sorts of great interviews and profiles. However, many of them are in video form on Youtube/Vimeo and the like. Is there any way to huffduff a video to "listen" to? I don't feel I need to see a lecturer at a podium or interview subject on a couch to get what I'm looking for."

I'm not sure why I'm surprised anymore, but it seems like every time I find some really useful bit of web technology, it's coming out of the extended IndieWeb "Camp" (pun moderately intended). Thanks @adactio and @schnarfed for making my life easier and better.

I do feel a bit cheated that I didn't actually find the functionality directly on Huffduffer (or just noticed that it now somehow works with my long-loved Huffduffer bookmarklet). I wonder what other goodness I'm somehow missing out on... (Anyone can feel free to send me a list of their favorite services and other bookmarklets.)