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Within the past month [it's guestimated that over 1 million webmentions]( have been sent on the internet. There's not really solid research on how many sites physically send and/or receive them, but as of [last June]( the conservative number was in the range of about 5,000 and the number is increasing rapidly, particularly with platforms like (5-10,000 accounts) now supporting them out of the box and CMSs like Drupal (via plugin) and Perch having added them since then. This also doesn't take into account an anecdotally sharp uptick of adoption on WordPress via plugin, most notably by several WordPress core developers.

Mastodon already supports most microformats for webmention to be implemented more easily. and

There are already a number of open source tools that might also be bootstrapped for something like this as well:


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@jernst Thanks for your nudges and suggestions for improving the UI in the indieweb suite of plugins!


@benwerd I love the sound of this! It would be even cooler if it were baked into the version of Microsub that I hear is brewing:


@amyhurst Since you can log into the wiki, you're welcome to add yourself as an example to the page which may also have some resources you'll appreciate. Good to "see" you at camp this weekend!


For those interested in more and who know a bit of code, David's also got a "master class" on adding microformats to modern themes in his commit trail for updating/upgrading the TwentySixteen theme to be more IndieWeb friendly:

While it isn't comprehensive and may not cover every eventuality for every theme, following along with his commits here will get you a long way towards better understanding microformats v2 use with WordPress. I think I've learned more about WordPress themes and microformats by following his changes here than anything else I've tried.


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* Identity and the IndieWeb :
* Building Blocks (draw it/diagram it) :


Today's afternoon sessions for IndieWebCamp Baltimore are posted! Links for video feeds coming
Sessions include


The community smartly doesn't rely on email, but if you insist, you can subscribe to This Week in the IndieWeb, a weekly digest of recent and upcoming events, posts from IndieNews, and a summary of wiki edits, sent out every Friday afternoon.


For all my and @JohnsHopkins friends:
I highly recommend attending @IndieWebCamp Jan 20-21


@Joseph_Koivisto @edsu I would also encourage you to think about potentially proposing an Edu-focused session that Saturday to help get a broader conversation going around IndieWeb and education:


@Joseph_Koivisto @edsu I would heartily invite you all to come to in Baltimore Jan 20-21: It will be an even better introduction than the narrower scope Homebrew Website Club.


@DrNomyn @mrkrndvs @GFThommo @willrich45 Interestingly the idea of online field work (aka sharecropping) has been around for over a decade now!
I dream of a day when the only online field work is being done by cultural anthropologists.


@anarchivist I've always thought that ideas were Earth-shaking too, but never to this extent!