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@FedericoCulloca I haven't heard the episode yet, but I actually created a pronunciation page this past week for just this eventuality! If you know where Torvalds' original is, it would be great to document.


Thanks for your questions. Several of us took a stab at answering them in the IndieWeb wiki today. You can find the answers here:
I recall you said you were in the IndieWeb Slack channel, so if you need more specifics or help, please don't hesitate to stop by and one or more folks there will be happy to help you out the best we can.


@jgmac1106 @DoOO I think that one day in the not-too-distant future, the half a dozen IndieWeb plugins for WordPress will not only merge together, but they might also enter the core product, thus making them simpler and easier to use. WordPress can be made much more flexible and extensible with plugins for a variety of purposes and there's a tremendously valuable community and ecosystem that's already there. Further, I think that companies, similar to Reclaim Hosting and the DoOO movement, will eventually spring up to make hosting and owning one's own site simpler and easier. While there's a lot of value baked into Known, its community and resources aren't (yet!) as large or as flexible as WordPress or even other open source communities. Fortunately the IndieWeb principle of plurality will show us the way forward. The more things working toward openness and shared standards will make these ideas all the stronger.

While the recent spate of work on IndieReaders is awesome and inspiring, I'm also curious what is next after that? IndieBrowsers? IndieHardware?

Ultimately I'm grateful that we're all here pressing the boundaries and experimenting with what is possible.


@JmacDotOrg When you get a chance, could you document it at ;)


@cathieleblanc I can't find it now, but it seems like you made a comment the other day that led be to believe that this post/pencast might help you out a bit:


@matthilt There's a number of ways of doing this typically under the titles of POSSE or PESOS. Some for WordPress are documented here:
Specifically for Instagram, I think the majority use OwnYourGram.
Typically the more control you want over output for syndication means a bit more work upfront, while the easy solutions give you less control over how things look. Feel free to ask for opinions in chat as well either in the main channel or the channel.


@dajbelshaw Noterlive is primarily a posting interface to Twitter (mostly for livetweeting though it could continue to add some of that functionality in the future) that gives you back your data. You would still want to pay some attention to your account for side conversations and replies as well as other conference activity. In many cases I use it primarily as a note taking tool to keep content for archival purposes after the fact.

For additional two-way interaction you could use WordPress plugins like Webmention and Publish to get the comments, likes, etc. back to your website. I've outlined a piece of that type of workflow here: (This might also be useful to you if you've left Twitter, but still want to know when you're being mentioned without needing to log into Twitter to check it.)

Otherwise, you might also consider going full IndieWeb, in which case you could post everything directly from your website and syndicate to Twitter and then getting all the responses directly back to your site. Some of this depends on how much work you want to do to get the moving pieces working properly. You'll notice this is roughly what I'm doing on my own site with you now. Example:


@jgmac1106 Perhaps we might create and use a corner of the IndieWeb wiki to begin documenting the use of these types of things? We could start on the page and subsection them out as they grow in size and scope? If there are consuming applications for differing types of metadata, let's list those. The best answer may be to begin documenting pieces of what are out there and then figuring out a way to create more IndieWeb or decentralized and open versions of them. Having an editable, but centralized source of information can certainly be helpful. (Unless you know of another that already exists?)


@spigot I've sent you a few webmentions directly from my site. Be sure to check that they're not getting caught in your spam filter. See also:


@sophiaarichter @floatingtim also has some useful advice and help in these areas. They use things like POSSE, backfeed, and webmentions that allow site to site interaction that helps to solve the "bring folks to our sites" problem.


Anyone who didn't get enough of Open Domains Lab this afternoon is more than welcome to join in on the chat to continue conversing and building their website.


@spigot Yes, you have to publish first. Looks like there's something putting a lot of hidden svg files into your content. A plugin perhaps?
You can also find some potential help in the chat at


@johnjohnston This presentation makes my itch for a public multisite install with an stack even worse... I may have to pick your brain a bit more on it.


@openetc Have you considered adding the webmention plugins for site to site conversation between participants?