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To honor 75 anniv. of Anne Frank's diary, I'll help someone buy a domain & set up a blog


@jomc Sounds like some of the raison &d'etre for the or conferences like


@hibbittsdesign @THiNGkeriNG @bonni208 @mburtis I'm curious if you've considered adding webmention to @getgrav for cross-site interaction, commenting, and mentions? I know some in who are hacking away at it.


@THiNGkeriNG @bonni208 @mburtis The @withknown platform is awesome for as well as some of the following list


Some of what you're talking about @wiobyrne is the concept of "planet"


@kmlukens @withknown is a great tool that isn't WordPress. You could also take a look at


Some resources for pedagogy and education


A great interactive CMS/platform for building your : @withknown


@ricmac In particular a lot of this type of open architecture already exists as plugins for @WordPress


@ricmac There are a bunch of us building exactly what your manifesto speaks about. I hope you'll join us at


Another interesting piece that's related to webmention and feed readers is the <a href="">W3C Micropub spec</a> that I believe was released on the same day as ActivityPub. There are already feed readers like that allow you to not only subscribe and read your friends who publish to their own sites, but you can use it to micropub "likes" and "replies" to those posts directly from the reader and to publish them directly to your own website if it supports the micropub spec (and yes, there's already a WordPress plugin for that). These micropubbed posts can then, in turn, send webmentions from your own site to your friends' posts to be displayed as comments there.

More details on all of these and how they can interact can be found on the wiki at


@johnjohnston I suspect @mrkrndvs is talking about multiple content types and making subsets easier to subscribe to


I've updated my WithKnown install to v0.9.9 Derbyshire!

2 min read

Aside from one or two custom CSS tweaks, everything seems to be looking and working as expected! If readers or users see or experience any issues, please let me know.

I can't wait to try out all of the new core features and improvements that have arrived since 0.9.2! Including:

  • A simpler user registration experience
  • Fixed image preview rotation
  • Improved indieweb support (including for likes and reposts)
  • Improved migration support
  • Advanced access control internal API
  • Design and layout fixes
  • Better error pages
  • Support for PHP 7
  • Countless fixes and speed improvements in the background

You can get your own version of one of the best, most modern, and most forward-thinking Content Management Systems on the planet by contacting the fantastic team at Or host your own version: with lots of community developed plugins.

If you've already got Known and haven't upgraded, I've previously written up an outline about the upgrade process.

Coming up soon, I'll be upgrading my Known testing ground at which, in some sense, is its own social media site, but also allows users to sign up for an account to test drive some of the core functionality in addition to syndicating their content to sites like Twitter and also backfeed their comments back from Twitter. For ease of use, I recommend setting up the bookmarklet after creating your account.

The 1.0 version of Known is anticipated some time in June 2017, but to be honest, in the almost three years I've been using it, it's been both fantastic and rock solid.