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Biomedical and Electrical Engineer with interests in information theory, evolution, genetics, abstract mathematics, microbiology, big history, Indieweb, and the entertainment industry including: finance, distribution, representation







.@vboykis was just mentioned in the State of the keynote speech.


Summit 2017 is about to stream some of the best the web has to offer.
Details for chat & streaming:


@benwerd @chrisaldrich @realkimhansen Perhaps a mashup between & @huffduffer with topics instead of languages


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Thanks Richard, this reminds me that I've been meaning to delve back into some of the blogroll functionality hiding within my WordPress install. It's not as updated as it should be, but you can find mine at including a few subcategories of Indieweb (or related) folks, as well as an "open education" list which consists of people who are aware of or actively practicing Indieweb principles in the education space.

You're also sure to find a handful of interesting tidbits at It may take some more manual labor, but you might find it useful to scrape for indieweb sites in one of these three locations (in decreasing order):,, or

If you're looking for a relatively full-featured RSS reader for WordPress, I highly recommend the PressForward [] plugin. It doesn't have some of the niceties I mentioned in Feed Reader Revolution [], but it's a pretty good start for the integration piece, and it's open. I'd written some thoughts about it here:

I don't think he'd linked to it, but Colin Walker has a "beta" webmention plugin he built for his functionality which is on Github:


IndieWebifying my website: part 1, the why & how | AltPlatform

AltPlatform blogger Richard MacManus details how he's modifying his website to join the independent web. I'm tickled pink that he holds my site up as a quintessential example. (I'm hoping he's using it in the sense of the Latin word for five as I can name at least that many and even more that are better...) Of course, likeĀ Bernard of Chartres, I've only been able to see further because of giants like Matthias Pfefferle, David Shanske, dozens of other indieweb proponents, and the thousands upon thousands of folks in the WordPress community.


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The missing close parenthesis should be on line 72 before the closing em tag in at

<code>echo '&lt;em&gt; (' . $site_name . ')&lt;/em&gt;';</code>


I was just enjoying the new Twitter icons when I thought @t is going to have to change his site. #indieweb

Fortunately it looks like the old versions are still working, but for how long?


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I'll check to see if it's the case with altplatforms' bug, but I've discovered that it's having Jetpack's commenting feature "Let readers use, Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ accounts to comment" activated that prevents the Webmention Form from appearing on the page. If I deactivate it, it not only appears properly, but shows up twice with the standalone plugin installed.

Incidentally it also causes issues on my 2016 theme where if one types too much in the enclosed field, the UI moves down and it becomes impossible to actually post the comment!

While I'm thinking about it, as an Indieweb-forward thought, would it be possible to put the Webmention Form at the top of the comment section instead of underneath it? While I'm (and I'm sure most of us are) receptive to comments in general, it would be nice to encourage others to own theirs at the top and then provide the default comment form underneath it. Just a thought...

I'll do some additional testing and report the bug to JetPack shortly.


@Chronotope Nice stream on journalism/publishing. Online publications can learn a lot from the model of publishing.