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Biomedical and Electrical Engineer with interests in information theory, evolution, genetics, abstract mathematics, microbiology, big history, Indieweb, and the entertainment industry including: finance, distribution, representation







@SimonDeDeo Awesome! I've been considering doing something like that for my physical


Congratulations to @LtlFreeLibrary, @ToddBol & Stewards everywhere on 50,000 LFLs!!


@WendyLawless2 @LFL8424 Writing is hard enough, we're happy to help with some small publicity. ;)


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I'm supposing it's a simple CSS display issue that's been baked in from the start, but I've noticed that when hovering over the individual output links indicating where a particular post has been syndicated to, the icon and the word (eg, the Facebook icon and the world "Facebook") shift over a few pixels, I'm supposing in part to indicate they're being hovered over. In general this isn't horrible, but there are some examples where it make the functionality difficult or nearly impossible to use and at best simply wonky.

As an example, try hovering over the Facebook link at and it shifts things enough that one block of text at the end of the line shifts to the next line.

Even worse, on that same page it becomes nearly impossible to click on the "adamshillca" synidcated link because it shifts incessantly from it's initial position to the following line.

Perhaps it's my particular CSS, but, that I'm aware of, I haven't handcoded any of the relevant CSS, and have the same issue on two separate sites with different themes/CSS. I'm also supposing it's done purposefully as it occurs on as well, though it's not as obvious there as you're just outputting the social media icons only.


I'm still attempting to understand the larger world of indieweb code for WP, but I'm relatively sure that the issue I'm seeing is potentially coming out of the WP Semantic-Linkbacks plugin.

The issue:
Likes from Facebook as well as likes and RT's from Facebook are feeding into the the WP comments dashboard from properly, but once being approved, aren't actually showing up in the comments section of the related WP post.
I've done a quick test with a comment with text on the same Facebook post and don't seem to be seeing the same issue and it seems to show up fine in the comments on the post once approved.

WP post: <a href=""></a>;
Associated facebook post: <a href=""></a>;

As this is a relatively new site, perhaps there's some small thing that I'm missing or forgetting? I set it all up with the WP IndieWeb plugin (v2.2.0) and everything within it is current and installed/configured (except Hum and Micropub).

Its possible that it's something similar to a related issue I'd had before on a different WP install (see: though that seemed to be fixed (by itself?) shortly thereafter.

Within the WP admin interface, (
in the editable comment section, I'm seeing something similar to the following:

<code><a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a></code>

So there is data there, it's just not being parsed/rendered properly somewhere.

Since I've got another WP set up that seems to be operating properly with the same general set up, has anyone got any ideas?


I'm really impressed at the number of books that have moved through @LFL8424 in just a few weeks!


I'm now #57 on @BookCrossing - Leader Board for Books Registered


The reply to site won't be visible to most as it was a private message, but someone asked about how to get started on building their own Little Free Library branch. My reply:

I wrote a little bit about my building process here:

You can find most of the details for set up and registry on (They actually just updated their website over the weekend.) They have libraries that you can buy and they'll ship to you, though part of the movement is encouraging people to be creative in building and designing their own. I'm happy to help give you some ideas if you need the help, but their website and examples they have on their Facebook & Pinterest sites will surely help too. Visiting a few in the Glendale & Pasadena Areas might help as well - you can find a map at I notice that several of the Glendale City LFL's aren't on the map, but can be found by googling "Glendale" and "Little Free Library" where you'll find the city's Library, Art and Culture page with addresses for all of them. There are several at nearby city parks as well as at city hall.

There's also a nice little book about building and hosting your own as well. You can find it on Amazon at

The and portion I've integrated into mine are unrelated websites that are used for releasing and tracking books out in the wild, but that both work with the LFL concept really well.

I've done a lot of research on the upfront side, so I do know quite a lot about the overall concepts, but obviously have only just opened my own. I'm happy to provide as much or as little help as you might need, just let me know.



A nice man with a small baby just stopped by a few minutes ago and borrowed BARNYARD DANCE. I hope they enjoy it!


For those looking for other libraries in the area, I'm hosting a grand opening for one in the Adams Hill neighborhood of Glendale on Sunday, August 9th 2015. You can visit our "branch" online too:


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For those looking for other libraries in the area, I'm hosting a grand opening for one in the Adams Hill neighborhood of Glendale on Sunday, August 9th 2015. You can visit our "branch" online too: