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Evolution of a Scientific Journal Article Title (from Nature to TMZ)

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It's interesting to see the evolution of the title put on a story from its publication in a scientific journal to its reportage in a science-based magazine, and then its final form in the broad-based popular press.  

Below is a chronological list of titles that moves from Nature Materials to Quanta Magazine to Wired Magazine and finally ends with TMZ. My hypothesis (or guess, for the TMZ crowd) is that almost everyone could have easily matched the title of the article to the publication. Very telling about the process is that the Wired article is an exact reprint of the Quanta story, the only change was in the title.

Curvature-induced symmetry breaking determines elastic surface patterns


A Grand Theory of Wrinkles

A collaboration between mechanical engineers and mathematicians has revealed universal rules for how wrinkles form.


The Fascinating Math of How Wrinkles Form


Pruned People -- Guess Who!


Okay, I'll admit that the TMZ article, has nothing to do with the original article, but only because it isn't sensational enough to make their publication - perhaps if Yeezy, The Biebs, or Kim K were invloved. You will notice, however, that the article is in fact genuine and actually appeared on TMZ.