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Happy New Year to you!

RE: Your blog vs. G+, what if I told you that you might have your cake and eat it too? I too have a WordPress blog, but I've tacked a few bits on to the back end and this allows me to use my blog as the primary hub for my work as you're suggesting you plan on doing. I then use platforms (walled silos) like Google+, Twitter, and Facebook to syndicate my material out to allow for a broader reach by leveraging social networks effects to my benefit. Even better, I've got things set up so that comments on platforms like Google+ feed back to my blog, which allows me to not only live on my own site, but it also allows me to "own" all of the content and commentary that's generated from it. (This way if Google+ is shut down next month, I'd still have all of the generated commentary, which could live indefinitely on my own site.) Thus your followers who prefer to read your material on other platforms (G+, in your case) aren't left without the content you're generating, but their commentary also appears back on the blog to add to the larger conversation.

First, consider using the "Jetpack" module (free software built by the same company that makes WordPress) and its publicize functionality to connect your G+ account and auto-post (syndicate) your Azimuth content automatically to G+. (This also frees up a good bit of time to not have to do it manually.) If nothing else, this will help to keep some of your audience engaged.

Second, to port the comments from the syndicated G+ post back to your original post on Azimuth (comments from G+ will show up as comments in WordPress that you can approve/delete just like other WP comments; this also prevents you from spending so much time in G+ after you turn off comment notifications) you can follow the details at the IndieWebCamp site ( to add/configure a few simple plugins as well as to connect to allow social networks to communicate with your blog.

If you need help/assistance to make the technical hurdles a bit lower, I'm happy to help walk you through the details or even do it for you (gratis) if you'd like. All of the modules I've mentioned are free and open source and under very active development.

For a simple example see the comments on this post which originated from G+

For a brief overview, you might appreciate the opening few paragraphs of