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I tried the same post and didn't run into the same issue:

Though I also tried liking your original post @danito and got this:
The post includes the extraneous metadata "Daniel Nixpublished this 26 Oct 2016 0 stars 0 comments" in the title, rather than just the original title. Perhaps you've got some code misplaced that's causing both issues for you?

I've run into the original problem a few times in the past, but it's typically been the target site having issues with http/https or security settings that don't allow the plugin to scrape the page properly. It's been relatively rare and I haven't run across it in a while.

If I recall, the locations module had a (similar?) issue a while back that didn't fail gracefully when the system didn't return a location properly and it just hung. It was changed to allow it to fail and let the user enter/cut&paste the data manually. Depending on the root cause of the problem, perhaps this could be a solution? Is it even showing you the URL field before you approve the post? Could you enter it manually?

@rikmendes I'm not sure what you mean about Twitter URLs, though If I use it to "like" a tweet, I get something like this: and Known sends the "like" intent to Twitter and revisiting the tweet shows my "heart" properly as I'd expect it. From a UI perspective, it would be nice if Known and KnownReactions would actually save a blockquoted version of the tweet so I was saving the data of the post I was liking (particularly for short content like tweets), though saving the data for longer blog posts/articles, this isn't necessarily the best thing and a link to the original is fine.