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About/FAQ missing reference to webmention-endpoint? · Issue #673 · snarfed/bridgy

I'm always a fan of instructions being built intuitively into the UI flow, to guide new users along, especially if they have a solid idea of what they're getting into in the first place. In this particular instance, the reference to the HTML was a tad too nebulous and may confuse many -- especially those who begin reading rather than jumping right in.

Shortly the indieweb will be so big that totally tyro users with no facility with code will be on the doorstep and will need better explanations/instructions. Perhaps I'll take some time in the coming months to put together simple walk thrus for the handful of major platforms? If you think it's worthwhile, can you let me know, based on the current userbase (or even recent growth in the past 6months-year), how you'd rank them in order of priority so we can help the biggest groups first? Or perhaps it's worth starting at the lowest hurdle for the least technical users (Tumblr/Blogger?) and building toward the more technical ( (I'd presume most above this level are okay with most of what exists now).

I'm presuming that was originally meant as a "code" bridge to connect activity on silos, but I can also see it as taking on a secondary meaning in providing the initial value and impetus to bridge users into to the bigger IndieWeb movement.