Skip to main content've been able to reply/like/repost with my site for a long while, but is wasn't elegant, fast or slick at all; it was time to fix it.

The lazier I want to get the more code I need to write, but in the end, it always worth it. Pfefferle had pre-baked a solution already but my theme is special so I had to come up with my own solution.

Me vs sanity
For a long while I manually copy pasted URLs into an additional post meta field in my WordPress, which I called webmention_url. When I wanted to reply I:

copied the URL
went over to my admin area
opened a new post
copied the URL to a post meta field
selected webmention type from the radiobutton
posted the reply
This was tedious, smelled redundant, and introduced a lot more work.

To show the URLs I had to add it in my theme - it wasn't part of the_content, so it wasn't showing in the RSS or in the mail I'm sending out to some.

I had to hook that post meta field into the webmention plugin and do other magic on it, which made all the things even more complicated.

To solve the copy-paste part I turned to Press This - which I used a long, long time ago, and when I wanted to use it now, it didn't work. Because Firefox.

To solve it:

security.csp.enable => false
This sacrificed some security, which I'm not proud of, but I'm tired of all the fresh things that break things we're actively using.

After this I realized, I need to pass the type of the webmention - so for reply, I added &type=reply at the end of the bookmarklet url, which now looks like this:


Peter Molnar, Aug 17 2016 on