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@100daysindieweb Hooray for helping out the less Indie-capable!

From a UI perspective, some might not quite know what you mean by IndieNews URL, to put in the proper one. I suspect it's there to differentiate between the various languages, in which case perhaps a dropdown with the different language versions instead of a more ominous empty box might be better? Gen2+ are more likely to be confused.

Additionally, how many do you suppose will find/hit the endpoint this way? Perhaps updating to have the submission box on the submissions page like the one you added on day 9 ( to your own site would be even more helpful? Or perhaps even easier, adding the URL for the endpoint to in the documentation and listing it as alternative option. (Or were you keeping this for a lighter Day 41 on a busy Monday?)

I can't believe it's been 40 days already!!! Kudos again.