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@eatpodcast, Jeremy, on the topic of affiliate links, it's not all too dissimilar from having a Patreon link on EatThisPodcast, especially if you have a small disclaimer somewhere, perhaps by your Patreon link. If you had affiliate links on your podcast (or in the notes) to products and services that fit within the realm of your "brand(s)" or related to the particular pieces you write/produce, I would think it to be not only appropriate, but would probably go out of my way to use them.

The problem with some who use affiliate links is that they use them to their detriment, are trying to put something over on their audience, begin over-advertising, or advertising for things outside their areas of expertise. So for example, if you had a section on Fornacalia with book reviews of some of the best books on bread, I'd probably go out of my way to use your affiliate links to purchase a few. (In fact, as a fan of bread, such a feature is one of the things I wish the site had.) It would be my simple way of paying it forward to you for sharing your years of experience with your audience, which you're not otherwise charging in any way. On the other hand, if you started promoting links to hiking equipment, it would probably leave me scratching my head or even scare me away.

I occasionally use affiliate links, but my audience is so small as for the income to be wholly negligible. At best it puts a small dent in web hosting on an annual basis. Given what you do in particular on Eat This Podcast and Fornacalia, it's a simple way of helping to defray some expenses, but might prevent you from taking other off-brand bulk advertising which would otherwise pull down the tremendous value of information you bring to your audiences. The quality of your content is certainly such that you ought to have paid advertising, but in lieu of that I can't imagine that anyone would object to a few affiliate links.