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@EddieHinkle Clicking through will show that the text in the Twitter card is a quote of the original, in some part a reminder to me about what it was I had listened to. (It also serves as an advertisement for the thing itself--I like to promote good podcasts.) Most often these posts are just an emoji indicating the post type with the title and source of the thing I listened to. Occasionally I'll add some bit of a reply or commentary and bury the true post type into the Twitter Card along with a quote from the original. eg:

Once in a rarer blue moon I'll throw a snippet of commentary into the Twitter card, but not often. See also for some thoughts on this. It's ever evolving. I'd love to hear your thoughts on improvement or alternate methods. I particularly like dumping additional data into the twitter cards when I can, though I'm aware that not all Twitter clients make use of them.

If you want to listen to what I'm listening to, you can subscribe to it via This feed format also works for other post types like "read", "like", "favorite", "photos", "checkins", "watches", etc.