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I'm using a relatively standard WordPress set up with a handful of relatively standard "alternate" feeds advertised in my site <header>, but Feedly doesn't seem to be discovering them. I'd set it up in December (discussion here: ) and I recall Feedly found the alternate feeds at the time. Has Feedly changed the way it finds alternate feeds?

If it helps to troubleshoot, my site is at And at the moment Feedly seems to only find the first (and canonical WordPress) feed, but none of the other half a dozen or so which are primarily defined to create subsets of the original RSS feed based on categories or tags using typical WordPress methods. (Kudos by the way on apparently getting rid of the bug that defaulted to finding WordPress comments feeds first instead of the primary feed.)

For some reason, the old Feedly bookmarklet I use (is this still supported as I don't see it on the feedly site anymore) will work for most sites to add fees, but doesn't redirect properly to add mine instead the url indicates that it finds my json/oembed alternate link:
and then reports that no feed was found.

Using my direct URL in search appears to work as does the chrome Feedly mini, though they both only seem to find the primary feed and none of the other alternates as I would expect?

Thanks in advance for any hints or advice to fix this!