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Jack, Your response (above on your site) is a good example of watching what is going on and knowing what your site can and can't do.

Because you put your response directly into the comment box on your site (ostensibly in a general sense to the main post rather than to my response), your site didn't send me a webmention for it and so I didn't know you had responded except that I happened to come back to your post. If you visit it, you'll see that your reply doesn't show up on

The better method using Known would have been for you to have clicked the permalink on your site for my comment (the date of my comment or the name of my site) that would have gone to my original, you could then have used the bookmarklet for Known (found at and used it to quickly reply to my post. You could have optionally added a manual reply field to your original post URL as well and then you'd have received the webmention for it and maintained the entirety of the conversation on that first post.

Because I'm replying to both your post and mine, it should show up via webmention on both. The manual comment box on Known is really only for people whose sites don't support Webmention. Some people actually disable the comment box functionality and only receive Webmentions as a means of preventing spam comments.

In an ideal world, your comment box would send both Webmentions and salmentions to maintain the integrity of the comment thread. Since it doesn't (yet) then you need to do that manually, especially if you want me to see your reply.

Hopefully all this makes some sense...

Here's a photo post of some of the UI that may make it make a bit more sense: