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Jeremy, odd that you've noticed, but even odder (or not, given that the average lifespan of a page on the web is about 100 days) that the original has now 404'd.

I've been slowly working on an "I've read this" type of workflow in which I scrape and archive the contents of the things I've read for future searching (as well as for maintaining my own highlights, notes, and other marginalia), though the contents should only be available to me on my back end.

The system is supposed to be set up such that when one visits the page on my site it automatically redirects to the original, and that if the original is gone it redirects to an archived version on the Wayback Machine. The strange formatting is because it's being displayed with my theme rather than the original site's theme. Because it should generally only be available to me, I've not put a lot of effort into modifying the display/UI.

Thanks for "noticing" the bug, I'll see what I can do to fix it shortly, though I'm glad you got to ultimately read the thing you were looking for...