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UX/UI Suggestion: Meta box in the admin UI with PressForward metadata and comments · Issue #902 · PressForward/pressforward

I'd suggest that it would be worthwhile and convenient to have a meta box in the admin UI for editing the final draft that contained all of the pre-existing PressForward metadata.

Bits and pieces of it appear in other portions of the PressForward UI throughout the vetting (reading, nominating) process (typically hidden under the "info" button which pops up the details), but having portions of it while actually editing the draft of the post would be very handy/useful. In particular, it would be nice to have access to the comments which are added to the particular piece in the earlier parts of the process.

![meta box information](

Comments in particular, would presumably have ideas, thoughts, and editorial leanings that could help the writer/editors shape the final piece or notes on/around it, but as it stands, one needs to dig back into the PressForward interface, typically with search, to re-uncover the particular data and notes relevant to the original piece.

Ideally making it relatively small so that it could fit into the sidebar may be the most beneficial. If you want to go all-in on such a feature, I've seen a fantastic meta box in the [Academic Blogger's Toolkit plugin]( labeled "Reference List" which is pinnable and maintains its position at the top of the UI while the rest of the page scrolls.