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@kimberlyhirsh I'm more curious where influencers are actually getting their income streams and what those physical numbers actually are. Affiliate marketing may be a piece of it, but from what I've seen from YouTube financial flows, only the very top ones (a fraction of a percent) are making decent money and the rest are getting pennies on the dollar by comparison. Most of the rest are working additional jobs and only making peanuts on their influencer income. The majority of stories we hear about the super-influencers (Kardashians, etc.) are making these jobs popular, but I don't think on the whole that they're actually providing a living wage.

In fact, the $2,000 and change that PopSugar apparently made on the stolen content in the article, if true, gives me great pause. I find it a bit sad that the article didn't find a blogger/influencer that was making a full-time income from the incident to quote. Perhaps they couldn't? The best they offered was someone who was doing it as a "side-hustle" which is code to me for "low paid internship" type of money.