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Groundbreaking anthropologist Sidney Mintz dies at age 93


This reminds me too of the visualization tool at which I found by way of David Christian and Bill Gates's Big History Project ( a while back. It has a variety of timelines that are interesting and valuable didactic tools.

In fact, as I think about it, since their project is aimed primarily at helping to provide highly integrated curriculum (physics, chemistry, anthropology, paleontology, biology, history, etc.) to high school teachers for high school students, you might consider some type of collaboration with their group to potentially assist in possibly providing curriculum out of the Azimuth Project. Having a more integrated and complex viewpoint on the world we live in can certainly encourage the next generation of students to help save what we've got.

I can provide more resources if you're interested, though it's quite a bit more than the comments section here could hold. A small start can be found in a brief review I wrote a few years back: