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Biomedical and Electrical Engineer with interests in information theory, evolution, genetics, abstract mathematics, microbiology, big history, IndieWeb, mnemonics, and the entertainment industry including: finance, distribution, representation






@zmoglesby I've been meaning to do a more involved recipe plugin myself, but have kept putting it off for the variety of data fields and moving parts for all the potentially relevant data. Exercise is similar in its potential complexity.


@froomkin Your analysis reminds me of something I wrote about Trump's style late in the campaign:


In my experience there are so few biologists who are aware of information theory (much less know it well) that the subset of neuroscientists aware of it is minuscule. As a result I can't image that there's a university that would come close to claiming leadership in the field.

I do keep a growing list of researchers working at the intersection of information theory and biology, and even that list is pretty slim though there are researchers like Terry Senjowski or Werner Loewenstein (now deceased) on it.

The NIPS conference might also reveal some researchers, though most are from the neurobiology side:

You might also find some interesting people and papers at:

Another area of overlap in these is in complexity theory where you're likely to find some working with a strong underpinning in information theory.


Some of the issue is that WordPress has a huge number of plugins which adds a lot of additional complexity (especially for Micropub clients) which isn't always going to be handled by every client.

As for webmentions, they're being bolted onto WordPress which doesn't have (or allow) a custom comment type, so they're jury-rigged in the best manner possible. There is still ongoing work, especially with the Semantic Linkbacks Plugin which does a lot of the heavy lifting here, if you've got thoughts/ideas, you should certainly weigh in on those Github issues as they are evolving.

I know there were a handful of quirks that have been changed in Known in the past months to fix some issues with microformats that were being parsed incorrectly, and thus caused other platforms like WordPress not to let them display as nicely when received. I think most have been merged and a new release of Known was pushed yesterday and should hopefully clear up some of these issues. I think the developers of the WordPress plugins and even the Known community are very responsive, so feel free to jump in with feedback, suggestions, or even pull requests on any of the pieces which are all on GitHub.

I'm sure there will be some remaining rough edges, but in general a lot of them have been smoothed over in the past year and most improvements now seem to be geared towards making the suite of tools more user friendly or to better extend the functionality.


@EatPodcast If you've not come across it, the Atlas of Economic Complexity may be an interesting tool for you:


I'm curious what overlap of @cesifoti & @medialab's economic work & data might show


@mapkyca I'm up to season 3 already. It *is* much more zen than reality.
But then again, I anticipated his problems with 10 word answers back in September:


@sapinker I'm curious about your thoughts on this claim about linguistics/communication vis-a-vis the election:


Bookmarklet not saving papers to Group

Looking at the group I'm noticing that it quit updating the import of papers to it (in the overview tab) on May 12th, when I know for certain that I've been using the bookmarklet and/or browser add on to add papers to it relatively frequently since then.

My feed [] indicates the papers were uploaded to the group, however the group itself doesn't seem to show this fact.

When I look in my web-based Library [] and click on the group, it only shows 4 papers, when I know there are far more.

In looking at my papers added throughout the summer it feels like I've bookmarked far more than are actually showing up in my account, has the system been eating/not logging them?

What's going on here? Are these papers not syncing correctly across locations? Have parts of the site been abandoned and I'm just not aware?


@natalieasis Probably not much you don't know already. There's LOTS of philosophy, 1/6 Greene minus string theory (it covers core theory/quantum fields--with no equations, naturally); 1/6 Bayesian theory, a little bit of entropy, no IT really, 1/6 complexity and some basic biology, and then even more philosophy. You'll probably enjoy Part 4, but most of the rest will be review of what you already know. My (extended) review will cover the few pieces you'll be interested in without eating up as much time. Overall, it's probably better as something readable for your parents to understand some of what you're studying.

DM me your email with a preference for .mobi or .epub format and it's in your lap.


@natalieasis I've spent 20 years in the entertainment business, but have a background in biomedical/electrical engineering which I never really left. I still consult on the engineering side and do some theoretical stuff on the side in IT/complexity/microbiology. There isn't much overlap unless someone submits technical manuscripts for me to publish, though sometimes one area does inform the other. Ping me if/when you need. I'm on skype/google hangouts/etc. I'm surely the easiest person to track down on the web, just don't confuse me with the game show contestant from VH1 as you may get some NSFW material back.