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Biomedical and Electrical Engineer with interests in information theory, evolution, genetics, abstract mathematics, microbiology, big history, Indieweb, and the entertainment industry including: finance, distribution, representation







@ChrisAldrich As an example of Noter Live's functionality, I was able to cut and paste my Tweet stream/storm from last year's conference at UCLA and post it in its entirety in just a few minutes:


@IQuantNY @hmason If you're interested @RJI & @e_mccain are working on problems related to this area


Did @ifttt really turn off @twitter recipe that allowed one to add twits to a list automatically?


I had this same archival idea over weekend too, but didn't have resources; glad someone did @e_mccain


For getting more value in following/interacting with colleagues on Twitter, particularly in relation to conference/topic hashtags, I recommend setting up an "filter" to add people who tweet about a particular topic(s) to a Twitter list. This can save a LOT of time hunting, searching, and doing this by hand. Details and an example of this can be found at "Some thoughts on creating conference lists, live tweeting and archiving events" [ ]


@rhiaro @csarven I archived a lot of material from the conference in Oct here: including audio


My new favorite conference tip is to take the Twitter hashtag for the conference and create an applet to make a Twitter list of everyone talking about the conference on Twitter. It's best to do as soon as you know what the conference hashtag is, but works even a day or two before. Then you'll have a live growing list of everyone who tweeted about the conference which is useful both during the conference as well as keeping up with people after the fact. More details at: <a href="">Twitter List for Participants | Dodging the Memory Hole 2016: Saving Online News</a>.


I'm curious what the crowd would recommend? @michaelhoffman


Fantastic John! One other useful resource I put together was a Twitter list of everyone who tweeted about just before/during/after the conference. Hopefully it can help keep many of us in touch after-the-fact. accounts on Twitter:


Update: Twitter List for went from about 30 just before the conference to 158 just two weeks later.


PubSub (previously PubSubHubbub) is now a Public Working Draft from the W3C @MarkGraham