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Biomedical and Electrical Engineer with interests in information theory, evolution, genetics, abstract mathematics, microbiology, big history, Indieweb, and the entertainment industry including: finance, distribution, representation







@Christo37433424 Your logs or even database may indicate better where it came from, but most likely it's a malformed received webmention or one without data. I've seen one or two in the wild, but unsure what may have caused it.
I thought it might be from me, but the dates don't align.


@Johnicholas @noahzgordon Perhaps will provide ideas?
You could also try a POSSE strategy to stay in touch as you wean yourself away from silos as well:
Having read the Webmention article, I suspect you know my stance there.


@hankchizljaw There's also @withknown & @WordPress which also have webmention support for site-to-site communication in addition to all the other tech @keithjgrant mentioned. Next we just need the microsub solution widely distributed


@HowellsMead For those familiar, it may be a useful shorthand, but it simplifies things too far. Webmention uses knowledge of prior history and abuses of Trackback/Pingbacks/Refbacks and improves on them.
Cross reference: and


@dixongexpat @eatpodcast Had you come across this yet?
@voxpelli may be able to point out documentation or help as well.


@evertp After having gotten Webmention working, you might consider stopping by the IndieWeb chat to ask this question of folks like @aaronpk, @t, @kevinmarks, and others who might provide some guidance/suggestions. As a group, they've been able to shepherd 3 specs to W3C Recommendation in almost as many years. We could all use some help on so many different levels.


@essenmitsosse Sharp eye. There's an extension to webmention called vouch to guard against abuse.


@cogdog I have a lot of email spammers talking about my site who can't spell CONVERSATIONS either. What's worse is that when I contact them, none have ever even heard of simple standards like Webmention.


Replied to a post on :

Nate, it was great meeting you in person. I'm glad you made it to the IndieWeb Summit. Congratulations on getting Webmention working on your site!


@DavidWolfpaw There's and, but I don't know of anything else along the lines of what you're looking for. I pinged the WordPress chat to see if others had ideas:
Beyond this several of us have tests sites we could use to test things manually if necessary. Feel free to join us in chat for help and other ideas:


@jgmac1106 A few short thoughts:
1. The explanatory text is nice, but runs a bit long for the uninitiated. I'm always worried that the length turns folks off? Perhaps something shorter for the gist of the idea with a link instead to a particular page that lays it out in more detail? I've also considered hiding some of the extra explanation behind a pop up or by using an abbr (or other appropriate html) tag with appropriate CSS hover markup so that when one hovers over a portion, they get a title-like window with all the gory details. Ideally, over time, with the spread of the concept the explanation won't be necessary at all.
2. One potentially crucial piece you're missing is that the post on their webpage HAS to have the permalink URL for your post on the page, otherwise the webmention will fail. Worse, without this bit of knowledge they won't know why it failed.


@fionajvoss Just for fun I built an own your own AMA page using webmention:


@noahread @madebydusk @manton2 @m_ott @CraftCMS
It depends on what data you want back into Craft. Most just want the replies/comments. does this via webmentions, thus the reason for having the webmention plugin set up to collect those replies.


@madebydusk @CraftCMS I think @m_ott has experience (and a plugin) with the webmention portion:
The portion should hopefully be as simple as inputting an RSS/JSON or other feed. @manton2 may possibly know of others.