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Biomedical and Electrical Engineer with interests in information theory, evolution, genetics, abstract mathematics, microbiology, big history, Indieweb, and the entertainment industry including: finance, distribution, representation







Some of the issue is that WordPress has a huge number of plugins which adds a lot of additional complexity (especially for Micropub clients) which isn't always going to be handled by every client.

As for webmentions, they're being bolted onto WordPress which doesn't have (or allow) a custom comment type, so they're jury-rigged in the best manner possible. There is still ongoing work, especially with the Semantic Linkbacks Plugin which does a lot of the heavy lifting here, if you've got thoughts/ideas, you should certainly weigh in on those Github issues as they are evolving.

I know there were a handful of quirks that have been changed in Known in the past months to fix some issues with microformats that were being parsed incorrectly, and thus caused other platforms like WordPress not to let them display as nicely when received. I think most have been merged and a new release of Known was pushed yesterday and should hopefully clear up some of these issues. I think the developers of the WordPress plugins and even the Known community are very responsive, so feel free to jump in with feedback, suggestions, or even pull requests on any of the pieces which are all on GitHub.

I'm sure there will be some remaining rough edges, but in general a lot of them have been smoothed over in the past year and most improvements now seem to be geared towards making the suite of tools more user friendly or to better extend the functionality.


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@davidmead, Not directly related, but in lieu of OwnYourGram, which is very solid, you might also want to take a look at which is a WordPress specific Instagram importer. Because it was built specifically for WordPress it's got a lot of additional pre-built functionality that allows you to set Post Format, Post Kind (if you're using Post Kinds plugin), handle hashtags, Import your entire Instagram history (not just from when you started using OYG), set the photo as Featured (or not), categories and tags, and a bunch of other subtle bells and whistles that are WordPress specific and not well supported by OYG. Otherwise, it works much like OYG does on the back end and includes all of the meta-data including GPS coordinates and location data if you choose to include it in your post.


@jackbaty There are many who are using Known as part of a "multi-site" solution:
I'm actually using both WordPress and Known, depending on what I'm posting and why. Sometimes two is better than one, and it helps me have the best of all worlds. I also often use Known for posting from mobile quickly:


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@davidmead I'm curious what method you're using for syndicating to twitter that's causing this? That may be the better question to address. It's likely if you're having a problem, others will as well.

In the interim, you can find all the prior releases here: From here you also have the ability to view the changes between releases so you can potentially easily track down the pieces of code which changed and may be causing issues.

You might also find it easier to create a [child theme]( of SemPress with some small changes to improve your specific issues, this way you'll still get other future updates from the parent.


Colin Walker: Removing post titles from WordPress RSS feeds


I saw your note in the chat last night and had a good laugh as I feel exactly the same way though I suspect that instead of 10, it's sometimes more like 15.

I suspect that I'm still spending far too much time fiddling with WordPress on the small niceties particularly with regard to syndication, so before jumping ship, just remember: "the grass is always greener..."

I do like the subtle overhaul of the CSS and typography!


Doug, I suspect that you may be using something like OwnYourGram to attempt to import photos to WordPress. While it does generally work pretty well, you might also appreciate which is a VERY solid WordPress specific service that does much the same thing. Since it was written specifically for WordPress it's got a lot more finely tuned settings for improving how things display on your site. Perhaps better, it also has the ability to import ALL of your prior Instagram posts.


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@Tamaracks There's no need to explicitly set a Post Format in WordPress as it will automatically be set based on the Post Kind setting in Post Kinds on initial publish. (You can also tweak them by hand if necessary, so for example when using the `note` kind it automatically sets the Post Format to `aside`, but I prefer to use `status`, so I replaced `aside` with `status` just under 'note' => array( in the code here:

I also think @dshanske fixed the proper kind settings on micropub in the latest development branch of post kinds as well. (Hopefully this should take care of checkins as well.)


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@jimmymansaray I'm sure it's not an Independent Publisher issue. You might also ask Colin where he got it and if it had actually worked for him. I think I saw that snippet floating around last week. I think Colin has ultimately changed to the following instead:

It adds the kind of date/time stamp you're looking for (or is modifiable with some research) and has the added benefit that should ignore the time stamp and just import the_content() of your status update instead.

Honestly, I'd recommend going without a title if you can manage it. If you need something in your admin UI, you might try this suggestion as well:

I notice that (also is also using Independent Publisher to do somewhat the same thing.


@Mercy They seem like completely different products to me.
Known is a CMS which allows you to own your data, then publish and syndicate it to multiple platforms (including uploading to Anchor). It doesn't have any audio creation or editing functionality. I have seen people using this and WordPress lately for small personal microcast "channels" which can be subscribed to or syndicated out to other social platforms.

Anchor appears to have some production and publishing tools as well as a distribution platform of sorts. It looks like the material you publish to your own station can be listened to for 24 hours, but then disappears unless you archive it to your account privately. Fortunately you can export your audio with a little bit of gymnastics, but it's not intuitive. This seems more like an ephemeral audio version of snapchat to me.

I'm curious what you're looking for in a minipodcast? I'm considering something shortly myself and have been looking at Anchor as well as Opinion2, Spreaker Studio, audioBoom,, and even others as simple as using my LiveScribe Echo pen to record and then distribute via my Known or WordPress sites.


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I like the ability to put URLs on crossposted versions as well.

If you include the ability to link to cross posted versions, particularly for hosted, be sure to include a u-syndication (microformat) class on it: see also:

For those on WordPress, it would be nice if there were built in support for the Syndication Lins plugin which covers several other services that POSSE copies and shows syndication links as well for post discovery.


Yes: for WordPress Pasadena (Advanced Topics May 23, 2017 Edition) @ CrossCampus


Daniel McClure's post: Testing out by @Manton. Decentralised via my personal site.


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@raamdev congratulations on the press and coverage in [Independent Publisher 2 Is Here]( with the launch of Independent Publisher v2 on Wordpress.COM.

As I suspect @jeremycherfas might already be aware, the version of Independent Publisher here on GitHub is already _way_ ahead of the simplified version that was just launched for the hosted .com users. Those who take time to compare them will realize a lot of the base functionality and flexibility has been taken out along with a lot of the fantastic microformats2 that really make it a more cutting-edge product.

Congratulations again! (And Thanks again for the spectacular work!)

Though this issue is certainly close-able, I might recommend that you leave it up for a couple of weeks just for the PR value... :)


Sending likes and replies using custom fields in WordPress

A short description of how to support Indieweb likes and replies in WordPress using custom fields.

Another simple option for those who like bookmarklets: IndieWeb Press This