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Thanks everyone for taking a look and for the help!

Apologies if I offended anyone -- without having read through any of the code, I wasn't quite sure what was going on. My suspicion for a while has been that using the [uf2 plugin]( for WordPress certainly isn't quite always the best, though it's fairly impressive what it **will** allow. I've been hacking around at a new/different theme that adds microformats directly rather than programmatically to have greater control of exactly where they're put, but it's also a one-off solution rather than a solution for the masses. Better microformats injection into themes is certainly a small stumbling block for coming generations.

I was previously aware that the entry-content div on my theme overextended itself (, but didn't realize that the hentry/h-entry was being injected too early via uf2.

I saw some of the resulting discussion in the -dev channel, so I'm glad my beastly banging on and breaking of things may help improve things for coming generations. ;)

@dshanske We should remember to ping the Independent Publisher theme if you decide to make changes, as I suspect it'll have the same issue(s). It's been a while since I looked at the code for it, but I recall he created a mf2.php in the theme to inject microformats similarly to uf2 or one of your recent blogposts.