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@jgmac1106 @DoOO I think that one day in the not-too-distant future, the half a dozen IndieWeb plugins for WordPress will not only merge together, but they might also enter the core product, thus making them simpler and easier to use. WordPress can be made much more flexible and extensible with plugins for a variety of purposes and there's a tremendously valuable community and ecosystem that's already there. Further, I think that companies, similar to Reclaim Hosting and the DoOO movement, will eventually spring up to make hosting and owning one's own site simpler and easier. While there's a lot of value baked into Known, its community and resources aren't (yet!) as large or as flexible as WordPress or even other open source communities. Fortunately the IndieWeb principle of plurality will show us the way forward. The more things working toward openness and shared standards will make these ideas all the stronger.

While the recent spate of work on IndieReaders is awesome and inspiring, I'm also curious what is next after that? IndieBrowsers? IndieHardware?

Ultimately I'm grateful that we're all here pressing the boundaries and experimenting with what is possible.